Saturday, August 21, 2010

heart the art: week 33 (wonder)

happy saturday, darlings! of course saturday is HEART the ART day, so be sure to head over to gina's next and see what this week's prompt is! i'm actually just posting last week's page, for which the theme was WONDER. there were a lot of ways to go for this one...and at some point or another during the week i probably considered most of them...but for some reason i kept coming back to "wonder woman"; eventually, i gave up and just went with it!

this was a pretty fast digi page: i grabbed that fun graphic from a google search, put my text on in a couple of fonts, made a nice little border... and that's about it. i kept trying to make it fancier, but it sort of resisted all my efforts--well, heck, wonder woman doesn't need much help, does she?! :)


  1. you are wonder ART woman, in my estimation!!! LOL!

    hi LaurenB!!! 'member me??? I've been stalking your blog forever (tres inspirational, btw!), but no comments b/c I'm lazy, hee!!!

    happy Saturday! : .)

  2. Hey, there's an award waiting for you beautiful blogger, come see it at my blog!

  3. Your page is WONDERFUl! I love it. Greatness as always girlie. Hope you are doing okay and Jeff too.

  4. She doesn't??? Are you *sure*? :D I rather thought she did....

  5. wow! this is fab! so cool! love it!

  6. Great page...but not sure if I agree with the text... I think you are a wonderwoman!!! :-))))


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