Thursday, October 29, 2009

doin' the happy mail dance

because i got THIS yesterday from stef!!!

not the book...that's my art journal, obviously...the card, i mean. don't you LOVE IT?!? just those hilarious "prisoner" birds alone would've been enough for me...but then there's the divine embossed spider web...and those BATS (!!!) ...and all the inky smudgey goodness...lemme just say: if this thing was *edible* it wouldn't have even lasted long enough for me to take a photo! :)

but why is the card IN THE BOOK? well, i think i mentioned that some days this thing is for art and some days it's a journal. last night, when i came home from work to an empty house, in the rain and gloom, and found this waiting for me, it was seriously the highlight of my day. by a considerable margin. so i wanted to commemorate that by saving it in my book. i glued it in with great excitement, and proceded to use some blank space inside the card to write what a nice surprise it was, and how lucky i am to have a friend like stef...and then suddenly it occurred to me: I SHOULD'VE TAKEN A PHOTO...DUHHHHH! but then i figured, hey--everybody here already KNOWS me--they will totally "get" why the card is in the book! (note the old-skool metal clip holding the book open--classy! but seriously, it's the only way to keep the thing from folding shut.)

did i mention the card was not *alone* in the envelope?! nooooooooooo sirree bob. because the lovely stef is the type of person who, if she knows, for example that you've just acquired a cuttlebug...she will send you some embossing folders..."just because"! she's also the type of person who will know exactly WHICH embossing folders you would really really like:

behold: paisleys (which i loooooooooove), a cool frame and border (INFINITELY useful), and a gorgeous seashore collage. (how *ME* is that??!?) i cannot wait to try these puppies out!

thank you, thank you, thank you miss stephanie for the lovely goodies...but mostly...thank you for one of the best gifts i've EVER received, which is:


ps: more cuttlebug news...thanks to the many excellent and helpful suggestions i received in response to THIS POST, on tuesday i got my very first order (of MANY, i suspect) from cut at home. i used my october 40% VIP coupon to get nestabilities' labels 8. i think this weekend will be pretty much entirely devoted to serious and scientific cuttlebug experimentation. and chocolate. you know, just to honor the holiday. ;)


  1. those are FAB folders, and i'm quite sure you're going to create amazing things with them.

    thanks for responding to my Qs! was very curious about your 52Qs and i love the idea! i have SO many decks of cards lying around, so maybe i'll try to use them for something (similar). noice!

    as for clouds, say no more, my friend. i feel your pain. i am forever on a quest for the yummiest of cloud papers - and i know the stickers of which you speak. for shame.

  2. Stef rocks!
    Great card :)

    I'll just call you the cuttlebug queen from here on....can't wait to see how you use these beauties!

  3. i completely agree, that card really is fabulous! looking forward to seeing what you create with your new stuff!

  4. that is a cute card and I love that art journal! Very cool idea. Great score with the embossing folders!

  5. Knowing I made you smile ... makes me smile. Have fun embossing anything that doesn't sit still ... tell dear husband Jeff to keep moving.

  6. Oh cuttlebug and chocolate, can't get much better than that!

  7. Fabulous day for you; that Stef is a sweetie pie.

    HSN has the new release Christmas folders. I'm pretty sure you NEED them:

  8. Love Stef's card...those jail birds are too fun! Can't wait to see what you created with the gifties she sent!

    (-: Heidi

  9. So happy to hear you're happy with your Cuttlebug. I've had one for several years, broke it (totally my fault) and replaced it already because I LOVE it soooo much. Also you're going to go crazy with your new Nestabilities! I've only got 3 sets but they are wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more of your art. Happy Halloween to you and yours.


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