Thursday, October 1, 2009

52Q: 36 (never forget)

well, september certainly FLEW BY, didn't it? are we sure it had the traditional 30 days this year? it kinda seemed more like 19 or 20 to me, tops. one of the many things i didn't do during september, was work on my 52Q's. so i'm gonna catch up now, ok? (be a sport and say, "ok", ok? because you know i'm postin' them anyway!!!)

question 36: what do you never want to forget?

(materials: photos of adorable nieces & nephew printed on kodak premium photo paper; journaling in k&co rub-ons & manual typewriter on basic grey patterned paper; bling heart by gartner studios; hand-cut felt heart; colorbox ink)

answer, "how anything--or NOTHING--can crack up one...or all...of these guys at any given moment!"
(at nana's 8-09)

adorable nieces and nephew from l to r: riley (7.5), maddie (5.5), lindsay (6 tomorrow--happy birthday, sweet girl!), and matthew (just turned 2); r & l are my brother's girls; m & m are my sister's sproglets.)

i know what you're thinking. you're thinking, "hey lauren! why are the photos printed upside down?!" well, actually they're not. it's the kids who were upside down. this was madeline's idea. many of the cousins' photo poses are madeline's idea.* i always let them try out their photo suggestions, provided they're safe...i figure it's only sometimes they come up with really great ideas! (& the best thing about digital is, i can always delete the 147 blurry shots of them running straight at the camera!) i also never force them to pose; i ask if they'd like to or not. i am still going to take candids, of course, but they don't have to pose and they don't have to smile if they don't want to. we haven't yet reached an age where anyone has said, "aunt lauren, i don't want you to take my picture AT ALL!" we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

*many of the cousins' activities, generally, are madeline's idea. many of the activities of any group she happens to be in at the time are madeline's idea. she will either grow up to be the first female president of the united states or the first female mafia don, i honestly don't know which. either way, i can guarantee: she will get things done! :)


  1. Oh this one is fun...that madeline sounds like a whipper snapper :)

  2. Gorgeous. If that 'Go To Girl' is ever up for direction try 'race the timer'.
    Designate a photo spot, point the camera in that direction and have all the kids stand behind you. On the word 'go', press the timer button and get them all to run to the photo spot . Much hilarity ensued and we got some lovely pics of d/Boy and Pr.C-W with cousins at Christmas.

  3. super sweet and super fun stuff!

  4. Adorable. I could be friends with Madeline. She sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. Oh my goodness...they are just too cute! (of course I am SURE that I don't need to tell YOU that) :-)

    (-: Heidi

  6. Well, shoot. Z is only 3 (OMG, 3??) and he already says "No pictures!"
    Meh. Little brat! :)
    Of course there was the time (recently) that he had his undies on his head after a bath.....

  7. So darn cute! Love the photos. Madeline would fit in well with my kiddos! ;) Thankfully, my babes are still young enough to beg, "take my picture!" It won't last forever...

  8. Is there anything as sweet as happy children? Especially ones as adorable as your nieces and nephew :)

  9. Thats true "Is there anything as sweet as happy children? "
    Love that upside down picture (or so it seems, but the hair falling says that the kids are actually upside down.


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