Friday, October 2, 2009

...and now for something COMPLETELY different...

so different, in fact, that i'm not entirely sure what it *IS*! see, it all started with a castle. this castle:

cute, right? it's actually a dingbat from a font called "db once upon a time". i got it specially at scrap-n-fonts because i wanted to paper-piece it on niece lindsay's birthday* card. and it came out reallllllllllly well, if i do say so myself. but then i thought, "should this be for the card, or should i put it on a giftbag, and make a coordinating card?"

i was inclining to the latter, so i thought it'd be cool to use some of the other images from the same font to make a paper-pieced rebus-style card. but there were soooooo many cute little pictures, that i got carried away; and there's no way i could paper-piece something so fiddly. instead, i colored it in, using adobe photoshop. and it came out pretty well, if i do say so myself.


then the question was: what do i do with it? printed, it's nearly 8.5 x 11". which is a bit big for a card...even one of MY cards...though i could re-size it slightly smaller. but it doesn't totally match the finished paper-pieced castle, and it's not really as fancy as certain nieces are accustomed to having their cards be. there are no rhinestones or jewels or sparkly bits, for example. clearly, this is NOT a card. maybe it should be the inside panel of a (fancier, bling-encrusted) card made to coordinate with the castle? ...OR...maybe the castle SHOULD be the card, afterall; and a slightly shrunken digi-masterpiece can be the centerpiece of the giftbag? i'm still mulling it over, but i kind of think that's the way to go.

one thing i'm sure of: the beautiful princess lindsay WILL have an enchanted birthday...and she WILL live happily ever after! ♥♥♥

*her birthday is today--she's *SIX* can you believe it?!--but her party isn't until the 10th, so i am not as far behind as you think. ...yet...


  1. I LOVE it, Lauren! Your neice will love it too- I'm not even going to show this post to Anna for fear she will want me to try and make her one too! (which I can't!)
    Whatever you end up with, it will be fabulous! Don't forget to post a pic of the finished product!!

  2. How stinkin' fun is that??!!!!

  3. i dont think you got carried away at all - as a matter of fact i think you made a most charming and enchanting birthday card your sweet niece can enjoy today (and for all her happily ever after birthdays to come)- wonderful!

  4. It looks and sounds like a fun project you are working on there. it inspires me to the thought :-) of learning photoshop. ♥ Can't wait to see the finished product.


  5. YAY!! It's so super cute!!
    How fun :)
    A big Happy Birthday to the little sweetie!

  6. Hi Lauren,

    This is really clever and cute. Love it.

    Ali x

  7. So cute!!! I love it!! I think you should make the castle the card and size the digital "card" down to be a tag on the gift bag? Or maybe make it into a printed out 8x10 and frame it so she can have it in her room? I think both would be cute.

  8. You did not get carried away...but I hope you will in perfect Lauren-y style when you figure out exactly how to use this and the castle and bling :)

  9. That's totally awesome and I bet you figure out a way to add lots of bling and that super-cute castle.

    Whatever you do, she'll love it because it's from her Aunt.


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