Sunday, October 4, 2009

happy world amigurumi ice cream sundae making day!

or i s'pose we could just call today:
♥ ice cream SUNDAY!!! ♥
(orrrrrrr...we could pretend this is the blog of someone sensible, and not call it that, afterall...)

witty nomenclature aside, would you like to see the amigurumi ice cream sundae i made for niece lindsay's birthday?!
(say yes! say YES!!!)


i know what you're thinking. you're thinking, "hey lauren! didn't you start that thing in like JUNE??!?!" well yes, i did. and in "real time" it sort of only took 2 to 3 evenings to complete... it's just that there was a 2 to 3 month interval in between my 2 to 3 evenings! and then suddenly it was the end of september and i realized i had better finish this baby before the party next week. so i did. but seriously, the hardest and by far most time-consuming part of amigurumi is choosing what to make next!!!

for those of you interested in the wooly details: the pattern for this--and several other cute ice creams--is available here; the yarn is lion brand's wool-ease; the other ami's i've made since trish & i took a fun class in february can be found here.


  1. No, no. Let's do call it 'Ice-cream Sunday' and then shout out a huge YES!!

    Loving the amugurumirimugagummibearumi.

  2. Lauren THAT is the CUTEST thing ever.....So Yummy and Sweet!!!!

  3. LOVE IT!!!!! OMGoodness, I have never seen anything like this...I just crochet flowers LOL!

  4. That is so cute!! Congrats on finishing it. Sometimes you need those extra months to get it together. :)


    Hey, did I tell you I made my first one like....a month or two ago?
    I should really post him (her?).

    Can't WAIT to see your next one!
    I should start another too, so that my first dude isn't so lonely.

  6. Just DELISH! I had no idea you could create such great art beyond all things paper and glitter. Brava! ♥

  7. Because of YOU, I purchased a book on this last June. I have played with it a few times, but get interrupted and loose my place. I started over, and it just didn't come out. Are you offering one-on-one tutoring?

  8. SWEET!!!!! I'd like to order 10 :)

  9. I love this and now must learn to crochet well enough to make these. Sigh, something to add to my fun to-do list! YAY


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