Monday, October 5, 2009

ribbon-fanciers of the world, untie!

hello, darlings and welcome to another fabulous CAARDVARKS challenge day! this time around we're sponsored by the exceptionally fine folk at may arts who not only provided the design team with our choice of their lovely ribbons and trimmings, but who are giving a biiiiiiiiiig box of assorted fabulousness as the prize to our lucky winner!* all you have to do to qualify for said bounty is make a *NEW* card with some ribbon on it, and link it up by midnight, october 17th. in the meantime, why not check out the expanded gallery of caard-crew goodness over at our flickr gallery?!

before i show you today's card, can i just warn doesn't have *ribbon* as has a trimming--by may arts, naturally--these fabulous wired silver beads:

aren't they cool? i love how they give dimension and almost a sense of movement when you swirl them around a card. you know, a bit like this:

(wired silver beads: may arts; patterned paper: prima; bling word: mambi; other: vintage silk flowers, corrugated cardboard,

i've been known to spend *HOURS* when i'm in "collage mode"...but actually, this was a VERY quick card to make! the whole center bit of it was "fussy cut" out of this prima patterned paper. (it's called "coy"; it's from the "flirty" line.) i'd actually only BOUGHT it the day before...but i was dying to use it, so i kind of just built everything else around it.

as it turned out, i could've just paper-trimmer-cut a rectangle slightly larger than the frame, & glued it to my card base... (since i wound up mounting it on a similarly colored background!) ...but at the time i thought i'd be making either a diecut card in the shape of that fun frame, or mounting it on a transparency base. ah well, no harm done: this way i could use the surrounding bits for something else. for instance, the flowery bits at the edge make great hearts!

once i had the frame and the hearts...and of course i already knew i was going to use the silver wired beads...all i needed were some embellishments. i love these vintage silvery silk flowers my aunt found at a garage sale, and i'm never averse to bling, as well you know! lately i am also loving torn bits of corrugated cardboard, so i threw a bit of that on. (it also hides the hot glue i used to anchor the center of the wired beads so that the ends could be loose and swirly!) i finished off with a bit of dymo label, and that was that!

back tomorrow with another may arts card...
...this one has actual *RIBBON* on it, honest!!!

*i think we may just have found the challenge for which miss leslie breaks her "i don't need MORE stuff" rule!!! ;)


  1. Wow. That's just stunning! I really love what you've done there. That beady stuff is really cool and I like it loose and dangly (which is a word).

  2. That card is gorgeous!! I love that bead wire stuff. I want some!! Dang you enabler. Its a good thing we don't live closer. I think we'd totally be surrounded by cards, art journals, and stuff we both bought totally immersed in creating. haha oh wait that was supposed to sound bad huh? hehe

  3. crack me up. Yep, you are back to clever titles :)

    May Arts is my fave ribbon company. I checked the 'Varks this morning and drooled over that pom ribbon.

    I am very impressed by the 'Varks makeover. The blog is better than ever and I have enjoyed the eye candy so much since Heidi's Sketchfest and then the WCMD posts too. Just wanted to share that I like the changes. The 'Varks was the first challenge blog I ever fond, so it holds a special place in my heart. It is how I met you and a few other early blog friends.

    Happy Monday!

  4. Positively sumptuous! I must admit, when I first saw this card I was like, wait, wasn't there supposed to be ribbon?! But all has been made clear and I LOVE that wired bead trim! Tres cool!

    (-: Heidi

  5. cute cute cute! love the title of thepost too. Got a great chuckle!

  6. Lauren, I love your collage, just dreamy!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  7. I swear this card is a perfect representation of your artsy-collaged style! I adore that beaded trim, it adds such a fun textural element!

  8. HOW DID YOU KNOW!?!?!?!?! I am on VA-CA-TION and I have time to play! ohboy! Ribbbbbbbbooooonnnnn.... yessssssss! (heh heh)

    Oh, and niiice card, as evah!

  9. Alright, I entered. Are you happy now? :-)

    Totally out of my box with this one:

  10. That's really stunning, love it

  11. LOVE THIS! I don't know of this ribbon and now will be on a quest to find it (like I don't have ENOUGH ribbon already, oh well). I love the love and effort you put into your creations, they are inspiring!


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