Thursday, October 8, 2009

yet again, i cannot think of a snappy title!

that's twice in two weeks. next time i go to bj's i'm gonna spring for the giant FAMILY SIZED box of blogpost titles, so i don't keep running out--it's embarrassing! :)

fortunately i have a rather funny cheezburger saved up from a couple of weeks ago, which will hopefully atone for my shortcomings!

hope you are having a wonderful week!

if you're having kind of a crummy week...
i hope *TODAY* will be the day it suddenly gets
A LOT better!!!


  1. Love those *lolcats*! Luckily I do layouts, too, not cards only: some of the captions from the *lolcats* are great for titles on my layouts, ecpecially the ones about my pets (in my blog).

    I bet some of them captions could be used for blog post headers as well. *lol*

  2. My stepfather quotes his all the must be true if you've seen my craft room :)

  3. Ahhh, your blog makes me smile!

    (-: Heidi

  4. I have seen a similar response from my previous assistant.

  5. weeks been ok but coming to visit you and your blog posts - YOU could take anyone who is down in the dumps and make their day- i think dr's could give prescriptions out for your brand of medicine :-) "read one post daily from Lauren" and the world would be a happier place. (and if you stop at BJ's could you get me a box too? we could go half-sies :-))

  6. My cat is not afraid of anything... he attacks dogs, people... hedgeogs even. But I only have to open the door of the cupboard where the vacuum is and he's gone. :)

  7. LMAO - yes, how true how true!!! Love those LOLcats!


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