Monday, October 12, 2009

that jolene is just TOO MUCH!

jolene johnston, i mean. my lovely friend and fellow caardvark. she's just one of those people who always knows when you need a little lift, a funny joke, or an encouraging comment. or, for example, if she's in a store and she sees something that's just totally "YOU"...the next thing you know, the postman is at your door bringing it to you! like this:

and of course, she'd never THINK of sending a gift without one of her fabulous, 'specially-for-you, handmade cards:

in this case, since she knows how much i ♥LOVE♥ monstas, she made this for me. the inside says EXACTLY the sort of thing that if you were having a record-breakingly crappy day, and you read it, it'd cheer you up immediately. but she doesn't stop there. oh no. because if a card made with cool monsta stamps would make you smile...clearly you would also need to OWN the monsta stamps in question, right?!

yeah. she got me my own set! :) (prepare yourself, t'internet, for A LOT of hand-stamped monsta cards originating from this vicinity...and don't say you weren't warned, ok?!) and now, clearly it's time for me to break these babies out of their plastic package captivity and let them wreak some havoc on my ink pads. but first let me just say:

thank you thank you
thank you, jolene!!!


  1. that's a friend. Love the goodies, love those monstas (and can't wait to see what you make with them).

  2. OMGoodness! That card is too stinkin' CUTE! That crafty, creative, thoughtful girl!

    (-: Heidi

  3. Aww! I came by here looking through some of your latest projects and was surprised to find this post. You know I love ya! ♥ Enjoy your goodies.

    And Honk says hi. :^)

  4. Monsta's! They're right up your alley! :)
    Admittedly, I don't do much with monsters (or Monstas) - soon I'll have to do more with robots, I'm sure.
    Until that fateful day, I'm going to drool over the freaks! :)
    Mostly the first two & the last one. Dare I say it? The others might be too *freaky* for me!


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