Friday, October 30, 2009

when the cat's away, the mouse, forced unwillingly into self-reliance, develops an increased sense of self-esteem!

by which i mean: i not only got out my grandmother's sewing machine, i learned how to wind the bobbin, (surprisingly easy!) replace the bobbin, (this took a couple of tries) re-thread the machine, (this took a number of tries...even with the booklet...and LHJ's phone tutorial...and a diagram i found online...) and--here's the FUN bit--i've been practicing sewing on paper!

it turns out, i am 100% consistent in my outlining: the slightly shaky, wonky, uneven style which characterizes my pen work is equally apparent in my sewing. i've decided it's charmingly naive, and i'm goin' with it! :)

on the other hand, my rounded corners still need serious work!

despite the fact that this 1970's kenmore does NOT love thick multi-layers of non-fabric, i can even do the cool ruffly ribbon technique now. turns out part of the secret is *NOT* to tack the ribbon with adhesive...which i'd NEVER have been able to do if i hadn't just read my lovely and amazing friend amy's blog post where she talked about hand-cranking the machine!!! (thanks, sista!)

i even started playing around with free-form stitch-doodling. i've gotten pretty good at stems and leaves, which i've used on my first official sewn card. want to see?

(kraft cardstock: hobby lobby; patterned paper: frances meyer, imagination project; brads: making memories; nested flower dies: cuttlebug/provocraft; pencils: prismacolor; ribbon, thread & tissue paper: michaels; adhesive: tombow mono runner)

so it's been a fruitful and educatin' week...BUT...i will still be verrrrrrrry pleased indeed when lovely husband jeff returns tonight!!!

ps: my BLOG CANDY GIVEAWAY closes at there's still a little time to leave me a "favorite" in the comments section. i'll randomly pick & announce a winner tomorrow morning!


  1. Wow- super card! Love love love the stitching. I think you did a fab job with the stitching - it is hard to do on paper!!!! I have made clothing since elementary school, had a couture (ok maybe not high fashioned is upstate you know) sewing business for 15 years, have very expensive sewing machines, AND MY STiTchiNG is STILL WONKY on cards. I can topstitch like a pro on fabric but paper is DIFFERENT!!! You my friend, did a super job- be proud....

  2. congratulations, cupcake! this is an accomplishment, indeed! but is there ANYthing you're NOT good at? your stitched stems and leaves are wonderful - the "wonky" sewing on your cards makes them even more beautiful!

  3. I bow down to you. Oh great mistress of cards and fun projects. I throw buttons and ribbons at your feet. Way too good of a job here. I don't think perfect stitching looks good. I prefer the wonky-ness you have displayed. And that card you did is PERFECT. I will take leave now, backing away, so as not to offend you with my back.....

  4. excellent are so rockin' that retro kenmore:)

  5. OH YAY YAY YAY!!!!!
    Way to go on MASTERING the machine :)

    Wonky stitching rocks. Corners are tricky. i usually hand crank around those...takes a bit of practice :)

    ONCE AGAIN..........YAY!!!

  6. Holy flippin' WOW! Lauren that card is pure gorgeousness!! And you taught yourself to stitch like that in just one week! Again WOW!

    I just plain stink at machine stitching (probably why everything is hand stitched) I would never even attempt something like those flower leaves!

    Can't wait to see what else you'll be threading up!

    (-: Heidi

  7. okay, your flickr page? new obsession.

    darn you. SO many ideas, my head shall surely a-splode!

  8. Oh my gosh, I love that you're doing this! I have been trying to get up the courage to unpack my sewing machine and learn how to thread it and do the bobbin thing (technical term that). I am inspired!

  9. by the way, I love both your card and your rounded corners!

  10. Great stitching!
    I'm hoping my DH has picked up on all the hints I've dropped and put it on my Christmas list!

  11. ah... ze sewing machine!!!!!! now you're gonna realllllllly have fun LOL.. i love my machine and i can't imagine not sewing on paper. You've stepped into a whole new galaxy missy - ENJOY!

  12. SEW SEW GOOD! Sorry couldn't resist! These projects are fabulous! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!

  13. oooh stitching!! Love it. Sewing machines can be hard! Thats great you figured it out. They are too cute. Can't wait to see more with stitching!! Very exciting!

  14. I think you are doing a great job with your grandmother's sewing machine. :) I bought a sewing machine a couple of years ago at Wal-Mart strictly for sewing on my paper crafts. I was so "scared" of it at first. :) I had a friend that sews come over and help me learn to thread it, etc. I'm still learning to do things with it....a little less frightend of it now. You are off to a GREAT start with yours. :) (You are so talented anyway!) :)

  15. One more thing, I can totally relate to your being glad when your husband returns tonight. My husband has to travel a good bit too and I always look forward to his return....(Course some of it could have something to do with the shopping he does at Michael's or Hobby Lobby for me while on those business trips.) We live in a small town and do not have those stores so he runs in them for me...loaded with coupons. :) Yep, he's a keeper. Just this week he was gone but when he got home was loaded with new Martha Stewart border punches and EK Success border punches. :)

  16. Oh, I want to sew on my cards! I do not have a sewing machine. Despite being president of 4H in middle school and winning blue ribbons for a skirt and top I made at the county fair, I did not like sewing. I haven't used a machine since the eighth grade :) 30 years, Missy! I do not remember what to do with a bobbin or how to thread a machine. I doubt I could do as well as you, my fabulous friend!

  17. LOVE your first official "sew" card! You make me want to sew, but I sewed an entire dress inside out once, and put it in the trash and went shopping instead. SO ..... ahhh, I'm happy to live my dream thru you! VERY cuteeeee!


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