Thursday, October 22, 2009

52Q: 38 (eating)

meanwhile, back at 52Q HQ i've made another (digi)card...only slightly behind everyone else. (i call that a WIN, people!!!) here it comes now:

question 38: what are you eating right now?

front reads, "i eat a variety of healthy, nutritious foods; high in fiber & vitamins, low in calories and fat. until 10pm when i become the..."


(software: broderbund printshop; photos: front=printshop; back=lauren; font: ck typewriter; photo paper: kodak premium high gloss)

alas, this is a 100% true life confession. i am healthy and conscientious all day long. then late at night (you know, the VERY worst time you could possibly eat junk!) i crave warm bread, sugar and butter with an intensity that cannot be denied. which is why when *I* do the grocery shopping only rye or pumpernickel is purchased for lhj's lunchtime sandwiches. because ANYTHING vaguely toastable--from whole wheat pitas (disappointingly hard & crispy) to zucchini bread (surprisingly delicious) --will magically become cinnamon toast at bedtime.

i actually have another 52Q card finished, which i'll post tomorrow. in the meantime, why not leave a comment on THIS POST and score a chance at winnin' some tasty blog candy? (cinnamon toast not included.) (sorry!)


  1. Yumm! DH says," Cinnamon is the spice of the Gods."

    We love cinnamon! And cumin, curry..."c" words :) Is chocolate a spice or just a major food group?

  2. I haven't had cinnamon toast in forever, I think tonights the night! :D thanks for the reminder

  3. I love cinnamon toast, there is no WRONG time for it! Well, if you are going to have a late night snack you could do a lot worse than this!

    Great digi card - love it!

  4. I'm loving your take on the card - we all have our own special little treats don't we!

  5. Cinnamon toast ... candy ... can't go wrong with that.

  6. Ahh, now I know the root of all the toast talk!

    ...great now I want some!

    (-: Heidi

  7. Cinnamon toast reminds me of staying home from school sick. It's what Mom always "cured" us with - that and ginger ale. I do love a good piece of cinnamon toast though.

    Do you like the cinnamon sugar mix, or just cinnamon? A question to ponder.

  8. absolutely HIGH-LARRY-OH!! love these 52qs you're doing, Lauren!

    oh, and that notebook paper collage is awesome. such ingenuity!!

  9. Nice to meet you cinnamon toast monster. I am the 10 o'clock ice cream monster. lol

  10. living here, i forgot all about cinnamon toast!! thanks for the reminder!


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