Friday, October 23, 2009

52Q: 40 (taken for granted)

since emily falconbridge has just welcomed a lovely new baby into her family, she's been having guest artists pose 52Q questions. this one, by tara whitney, is a corker!

question 40: what am i taking for granted?

this is something i think about quite a bit anyway, and i LOVE having the chance to commemorate it in a lasting way in my set of 52Q cards. coincidentally, this question went live the day after the plumber arrived early to do some scheduled work and the water was turned off at "getting ready" time...rather than after i'd already left for work. i can tell you i was a bit annoyed about having to brush my teeth and wash my face in bottled water, and boooooooy was i glad my hair was clean!!! but even as i was griping & grumbling, it occurred to me that only people who've lived their entire lives with clean, reliable, hot and cold running water conveniently piped into several locations in their homes would whine so very comprehensively about its absence for ONE MORNING! it made me think about all the other stuff i only really notice when there's something wrong with it...and boy, that's a pretty long list! i've typed a bunch of them as the background for the front of my card:

(materials front & back: notebook paper; mme patterned paper; heidi swapp ghost letters; colorbox ink; dymo labels; manual typewriter)

text on back reads, "i like to think i am a mindful & appreciative person, but when i get a tiny cold or the water is turned off for half a day, i whine as loudly and as thoroughly as any other person whose circumstances are so fortunate they don't even notice anymore...a better question is probably:


in a completely unrelated matter, i made this the other day at work. it's the new candidate for WEIRDEST THING I'VE EVER MADE and so, as you'll have guessed, it's my favorite right now:

to answer the three questions i suspect are most prominent in your mind right now:

1. yes, it is a collage of notebook paper. i took one page from every notebook & tablet i could find at work. who knew there'd be so much variety in paper color and line width?!

2. yes, i am going to do more to it. it's actually the background for a text-based thingie i am making for my friend paul's birthday card. (but i do also love it plain, which is why i took its pic!)

3. yes, i am really*REALLY*reallllllllly weird. thank you for noticing!!! :)


  1. Your 52Q responses are always so well thought out, fun, and true :)

    Okay, Lauren, it must have been really slow at work, but even so, YOU are the only person I know that can think so creatively with basic office supplies. Thanks for the sneak peak into your amazing mind and into the start of Paul's b-day card!

  2.'s when we are without our modern day conveniences that we realize how good we have it....oh sista...I totally get idea of camping would be at a resort hotel.

    happy weekend...and I can't wait to see what you do with your notebook creation...I know it is going to be fabbie'licious.

  3. now thats a compelling question - either one actually - what are taking for granted and what not... i should probably try that 52Q but honestly i know i'd have trouble keeping up with it (i cant even get my scrapbooking done!) i know one thing i dont take for granted - its time to make stuff. cherish every moment :-)
    oh and i LOVVVVVE your collage of notebook paper. and you know i have noticed the differences in line etc (all those years of buying notebook paper for the 2 kidlets)- but this is just so wonderfully cool. sculptural. white is fascinating isnt it? i was thinking you might be leaving it alone - but i shoulda known better :-) i am anxiously waiting to see what you make with it!

  4. I love both of your creations- especially the collage. I enjoy weird people... I am a nerd, so we would probably get along swimmingly!

  5. very cool. okay, a bit weird too, but still verrrrry cool. :)))))

  6. Just so you know, now we can never take notebook paper for granted! (Or you for that matter....)

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