Saturday, October 24, 2009

52Q: 39 (joy)

i'm still crackin' on with the 52Q's here...this was an especially easy and fun one!

question 39: what brings me joy?
(materials, front & back: patterned paper: creative imaginations, prima, vintage ledger paper; bird stamp: pink paislee; rub-ons: k&co; thickers: american crafts; arrow sticker: sassafras; inks: colorbox; pencils: prismacolor; adhesives: uhu gluestick)

top tip for outlining stickers that are already adhered: instead of a pen or marker, use a VERY sharp colored pencil, and go slowly. the tip of the pencil has more traction on the paper, and is thus less likely to slip and ruin your completed work...also, the color won't bleed into the material of your stickers!

this is one of my favorite photos from our myrtle beach vacation in june. it illustrates two of lovely husband jeff's loveliest attributes: the ability to be silly at the drop of a hat, and the willingness to do so in public if it'll make me happy. oh and there's a third one, actually: he gave permission for me to blog this photo, not once but twice...even though he's a bit embarrassed for the world at large to see him posing as a statue. now see, THAT is true love for ya!!! :)

(something else which brings me joy is givin' away BLOG CANDY! you still have until midnight next friday (10/30) to enter the draw by leaving me a "favorite things" comment on THIS POST! tell *everyone*!!! :)


  1. Aw Lauren!!!! how gorgeous is that!!!
    very gorgeous indeed...what a fab photo!!!
    Have a lovely weekend:)xxx

  2. ahhh...what a sweet post Lauren!!! Thanks for the coloring pencil tip!!

  3. Totally cute! (both LHJ and the card!) Great colored pencil tip too...thanks!

    (-: Heidi

  4. Love the little bird - just too cute. A little amigurumi like, no? And that Jeff, how could you not love him! A Jeff statue? Hmmm?

  5. This is so great!! I love it. I feel like such a bum not doing these this year. I totally fell off the wagon trying to do tags instead of cards. Oh well... Next year I'm sure they'll be a start up from someone else we'll both do right? haha

    ryn: YES!!! If I win the lotto or you do, we are totally going to artfest and journalfest. BOTH!! ;)

  6. how sweet!! it also brings me joy that i can once again post on your blog. it wasn't letting me for a while again, but i was having probs with blogger too, so maybe that is why.

  7. Hooray for LHJ...he is a lot like dhDH :)


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