Saturday, October 17, 2009

i've picked up ANOTHER bug!

...but THIS ONE...i kinda like! ;)

first lemme just say a ♥MASSIVE♥ thank you to june and tracy. two years ago, when i'd just started blogging, i solicited advice about diecutting machines: who had 'em, how much did they use them, how content were they with compatiblity of dies, what variety of material could they cut, and about a zillion other questions. june had just "met" me and to tracy i was just a friend of june's, but those two answered all of them...and sent links and emails...and did not let slip so much as ONE SOUND of disappointment or disparagement when i decided that i didn't need a diecutter right then. for this and so much else i am appreciative and grateful to these lovely and talented ladies!!!

flash forward to the present: i've FINALLY taken the leap!

a combination of seriously good michaels' coupons and half-price clearance alphabets finally lured me a couple of weeks ago. i'm embarrassed to say that by virtue of no time, last week's cold from hell, and a teeny bit of uncharacteristic techno-fear, i only got the c-bug out and played with it (until waAaaAaaaAAy too late) last night, and so far i've confined myself to using a nested flower die and seeing how many different things i can use it on and the relative coolness of each.

here's an example of how THAT'S going:

(successful materials so far...vaguely l to r from back: chipboard covered in paper, denim (!!!), acetate, old book pages, funky fake-cork-covered wallpaper swatch, bits of very thin old leatherette-type-stuff, magazine pages & tissue paper (many many layers of each, cut simultaneously) and corrugated cardboard)

clearly i am one of the last to the cuttlebug party, so once again i will throw myself on the good graces of you veterans out there for any help, advice, tricks, tips or warnings you'd like to share. and of course...if you've got any product or accessory MUST HAVES that i...ummmmmm...must have... make with the recommendations, darlings!


  1. Welcome to the die cutting world! I LOVE my 'bug, and except for the SU Kool Aid I was given on Twitter that made me buy the Big Shot (and the XL dies), my 'bug is Da Bomb!

    Hey, I have those flower dies - uh-huh.

  2. I love my 'bug too :D. I would suggest getting some Nestibilities they work really well in the bugs & you can do so much with them :D. Good luck & happy 'bugging.

  3. Hi Lauren, so nice to catch up on your blog and see what you've been up to... I like the old book pages best (surprise!). Can't wait to see what you do with this.

  4. mmm, i love my 'bug, too! welcome to our world, lauren!

    my recommendation - CHEAP embossing stencils (like, the brass or plastic ones, or whatever)... all you need is a gasket kit from a hardware store for the rubber mat (i went in and asked about them, and the salesperson knew i was using it for rubber stamping or paper crafting!). that mat is SO versatile! you can emboss your papers, you can use it INSTEAD of the expensive Spellbinders rubber mat for your Nestabilities, and i think the kit cost me something like 4 dollars.

    your flowers, incidentally, are fantastic! i haven't been that creative yet!

  5. No, you are not the last one at the cuttlebug party. I'm UNbugged.
    I hope you have fun with your new toy!! Fun flowers :)

  6. I ♥ my bug Lauren. I mostly use Nestabilities now - Labels 8 is AWESOME. I have quite a few embossing folders but rarely use them - the nesties are the most useful. LOVE all your pretty flowers. And I'm so happy you've finally got the bug. :)

  7. oo! Oo! I played with a cuttlebug last week! It works brilliantly on felt and woollen blanket as much as paper.

  8. YOU are the cutest girl ever :-) the die cut queens that we are (miss J and me) are proud to welcome you to diecut land... (my zipemate and quickutz handtools- yest tools... are still used along side my Bug... now i'm considering the big shot.. godhelpme...those big dies are screaming my name) and diecut land is a most wonderful and fabulous place now that you've joined us. And look at you go - this is what i love about U- you take one little die and LOOKY what you did... tooooooo fabooo! You really must buy some embossing folders - cheap and totally amazing bang for that buck i'm tellin ya! I'm also a nesty advocate ( has a coupon every month ... i'm just sayin) Have tons of fun with that bug sweetie!

  9. I actually sold my C'bug last Spring and upgraded to the Big Shot; trying to convince Miz Tracy she NEEDS a Big Shot :0

    Ditto what Tracy said on the Nestibilities. Get that monthly 40% email coupon and then buy a set of 4 (e.g. large ovals, small ovals, lg. scallop ovals & sm. scallop ovals) even after shipping it is ~$50+ (<$60) for all 4 sets! The only cheaper way I know is if you have a Hobby Lobby near you. They sell Spellbinders stuff and if you get their mailer of 40% coupons, that would be less expensive.

  10. Hi Miss Lauren so glad you got the `Bug` the CB that is!!!You will most certainly be addicted for sure!!
    I cant wait to see wht you come up with I know whatever it will be it will be `Amazing` Yahaha
    Welcomee to the Cuttlbuggers!!!lol...(you know what I mean ).....
    Hope your having a fantastic weekend:)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Welcome to the world of 'bugging! You will love it. There are just so many things you can do. I have some Nestibilites and Spellbinder dies as well as heaps of embossing folders and just love what I can do. Great to see you trying other things live fabric etc -so versatile.

  12. Welcome... welcome to the DARK side! Muahahaha!
    You'll like it here, promise!

    Yes, yes go forth and buy nesties! U Cut At Home is da bomb! (again, unless you have a hobby lobby nearby, then check their stock first - even their clearance). Don't forget to get an embossing mat - nesties are nothing without it.
    Embossing folders are good and *easy*.
    But the most important thing? Jay at Indigo Inklings. Amazingly thorough, willing to test practically anything, tries pretty much every single die cut machine & gives great tips.

    Go check it out... you don't have a moment to lose! :D

  13. Oooh, you are gonna have SO much fun!!! I actually have the Big Shot, but they work pretty much the same. Man, the first day I had mine my husband came home from work to find me in the middle of the living room floor buried in all sorts of die-cut flotsam! I love cutting felt and shrink plastic can be really fun too (in addition to many of those you've said you already tried)

    I have seen several people already mention Nestabilities...I concur. Aaaaand I am an embossing folder addict! They are not overly expensive and they can make cheap office supply cardstock look like a million!

    (-: Heidi

  14. Totally cute flowers!! :) I love my cuttlebug! :)

  15. Mazel Tov! Dem some cute flowers you made. I have a cuttlebug...have had it for near a year now and let me count the fingers for how many times I have used mostly scared me, until two weeks ago. I'm told I can use it with metal embossing plates (haven't tried it yet) and with the nestibilities, which I have also yet to try. So, go...have fun, and then let me know what I can do with my machine!

  16. I am sooo excited for you- I just know you are going to love it! And you are going to go broke, too- the die possibilities are endless!!! Now you just have to figure out how to get it in the car so you can die cut on long trips-LOL!


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