Tuesday, October 27, 2009

52Q: 37 (spark)

ok, you know how sometimes i get fixated on a particular theme or set of supplies and just keep usin' them over and over*?! yeah, well, at the moment it's these gorgeous birdcages! i love them. i could probably devote myself to them full-time for about a week and still come up with new stuff to make. but this time, they are even more than usually appropriate, as this particular 52Q happens to have been posed by "guest questioner" rhonna farrer! :)

question 37: what sparks my creativity?

(software: broderbund printshop; patterned paper: city streets, gretchen thomas, designer digitals; birdcage brushes & distressed edge toolkit: rhonna farrer house of three; hipster plume korners & edges #4: anna aspnes, designer digitals; spots-n-dots brushes: katie pertiet, designer digitals; fonts: dirty ego & marcelle script; for the physical version to hang on my 52Q bookring, i printed this on kodak premium glossy photopaper, glued it to the front and back of a playing card, cut out around, punched a hole, and inked the edges)

the "creative spark" is fascinating to me. because when mine's turned up on high flame...pretty much anything can inspire me. and when it's absent, almost nothing does. ali edwards did a BRILLIANT post on this topic, last spring, i think. (i've searched but cannot seem to find it; if you know the one i mean, a link would be AWESOME!) anyway, it was about the natural ebb and flow of creativity and how, just as with tides, the EBB is actually as important as the FLOW! the times when we're feeling less inspired are completely valid and valuable; they're like the recharging mechanism for our creative batteries. those are good times to organize, to read books and magazines, to take a class, to enjoy looking at other people's work...or maybe even just get caught up on all the "real life" stuff that needs doing...you know...so we can ditch it when the muse returns!!! ;)

so tell me...what sparks *YOUR* creativity?!

*speaking of most reliable & beloved supplies...there's still time to enter my blog candy giveaway! just tell me a "FAVORITE THING" down at this post!


  1. great post, thanks for the insight! i was in a real creative funk for the past few months, but i really think it's the time of year, all the holidays that have got me going again. :))

  2. I wish I had your type of creativity! I'll just follow you and be vicariously creative! Totally right about the ebb..I continue to write even when I have a block - it's usually a load of rubbish but there are always one or two lines that I can build on.


  3. you are HILARIOUS! your comment made me lullz - thanks for the sweetness, sweets! :)

    i just keep coming over HERE for inspiration, so maybe what you're seeing on my blog is a bit of a reflection or something... 'cuz your stuff just rocks, hands down.

    anywho, dropping some luff here, 'cuz you're the bee's knees.

  4. Thank God for You!- You help me to be creative. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.....

  5. Your advice is good advice! Let us know if you find the Ali link. I am feeling too overwhelmed with life stuff right now to be creative, but I like your advice to ditch it when the muse returns :)

  6. And just when I need it to flow it decides to ebb *sigh*

    I am with you ...when my mojo is high ANYTHING can spark a creative idea...I never know when it's going to happen, it could be an outfit I saw while window shopping, a print ad, new paper (old paper), A fellow crafter's creation...ANYTHING!

    Gorgeous 52Q BTW! I love how the white text pops off the background!

    (-: Heidi

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