Wednesday, October 28, 2009

52Q: 41 (passionate & inspired)

i am now jusssssssssssst about caught up on 52Q. i only have last week's and this week's to do, which i figure makes me merely my "normal" amount of behind, and thus order is restored in the laurniverse. :)

question 41: when you close your eyes and imagine yourself as passionate, giddy, inspired and joyful...what are you doing/creating in that moment?

this question was posted by another of emily falconbridge's guest hostesses, denise aka boho girl, and she had this to say about it, "Someone once asked me this question and I find that when I meditate on this thought, it always gently helps me move into the direction of doing things that I truly love doing. Sometimes in the beautiful chaos of life, we tend to forget such things."

(materials front & back: patterned paper & diecuts: k& co; clipart bird: anahata katkin; journaling card & rub-ons: making memories; inks: colorbox; other: needlepoint yarn, manual typewriter; adhesives: uhu gluestick, tombow monoadhesive runner, 3m foam tape)

(this is the first card ALL YEAR on which i have let something hang over the edge...i have grave concerns for this poor birdie's tail, but i just couldn't bear to cut it off in advance...we'll see how how long it lasts...)

of course, to answer the question, i needed to approximate the conditions described (that is, being joyfully creative) so i decided to make a free-form collage using a bunch of random "inspiring things". while i was working, i thought about the question, and tried to decide what makes a "great art day" better than an ordinary one? and what exactly makes some completed projects feel more exciting or "successful" than others? then i wrote my answer on the back.

text reads, "i think the most magical and addictive thing about making art is attempting to transform an insubstantial idea or mental image into something real. *THAT* is what i keep chasing!"

i'm not sure i've completely captured what i was trying to express, but this is by far the closest i've ever come, (having contemplated the topic off and on for the last few years) so i'm pretty pleased... for now. :)


  1. So perfect! And if you fear for the birdie's tail, why not wrap it around tot he back? ;-)

  2. I understand what you are getting at but in terms 'chasing' turning ideas into real? Honey you should stop right now because I think you have caught it and have it hog-tied and stuffed under your crafting space. Just sayin' is all ...

  3. I love this card! Its so pretty. I want that bird like tattoo'd on me its so cool. Esp. with the crown. You are doing so good on the 52Q's!!! Still making me feel bad. I just have to keep repeating 2010 will be here soon!!! ;) Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of them.

  4. was wondering if you have these in a series of ATCs or if you have a little art journal type thingy to store them or what.... love the idea - and i wanna see the whole collection in its entirety, together!

    oh, and stop by my blog, just 'cuz. :D

  5. I do believe you have caught it!

  6. did you hear me gasp? This is gorgeous!!

  7. This is one of my favorite of your 52 ?'s I've seen. Love the bird! So enjoy your blog, my friend. It always puts a smile on my face all the way out here in Arizona.

  8. what a great question - something i'm going to think about for sure. love what you did with it!

  9. PERFECT! I can't think of a better response or ATC card :)

  10. Oh my word!! This is absolutely STUNNING! Pink bird with a gold crown *swoon*! I love your answer too!

    (-: Heidi


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