Wednesday, September 30, 2009

possibly the silliest card i've ever made... OBVIOUSLY it's my favorite!!! :)

i'm ashamed to say that last week, in the flurry of sketchfest and a massive project at work, i suddenly realized on the morning of my wedding anniversary that i had forgotten to make lovely husband jeff a card! i grabbed a pre-made card base and some paper scraps and took them to work with me, an during lunch, i made this:

(patterned paper: mustard moon, basic grey, my mind's eye, sei; cardstock: hobby lobby; vinyl letter stickers: staples pens: sharpie, uniball signo)

the monsta is based on my favorite from the paperchase monsta giftwrap i love so much. he's become sort of a mascot in our house; i often draw him on notes i put in lhj's lunch. :) like all monstas, he speaks in beeps. in this case he is thanking my dearest darling for the happiest and most wonderful 24 years of marriage any woman...or MONSTA...could imagine.

i'm thrilled to report that lhj loved this card. (in fact, to get this photo, i had to steal it back from the frame of his dresser mirror where he displays his "treasures"!) but my favorite thing about it was the expression on the faces of the two co-workers who saw me making it: i considered explaining the occasion, the monsta-mascot connection, and the text translation, but then i thought, "naaaahhhh...let 'em wonder!" i'm pretty sure no one will try to steal my diet sodas from the communal fridge for a while! :)


  1. Your house mascot is a monsta, eh? Mine is Donkey. Oooo! Are you thinking what I am?

  2. Pressed 'post' before adding - Happy Anniversary to you and LHJ

  3. CUTE! i love the "beep beep" greeting - random and silly and just adorable! :)

  4. How perfect! I love that you can make a meaningful card AT WORK and away from your stash; I invariably forget something when taking a project to do outside my home. I think it is so fab that the card is so meaningful to you both...who cares if no one gets it (besides you two and your #1 loyal blog fan); it only needs to make sense for you two. Happy anniversary to you and LHJ :)

    Your card is wonderful!

    On a NY note: I would love to see "A Steady Rain" with you, but I am afraid you would never go home and be mumbling, "LHJ who?"

    Did you see this?:

  5. Lauren, love your card! So cute and fun! Congrats on 24 years of marriage- that's awesome!

  6. How fun! So nice that LHJ embraces your zany-ness. Happy Anniversary!

  7. oh now i'll have to try that at work - so everyone leaves my diet sodas alone :-) perhaps i'll have to get me some monstas!
    i love the card! and happy anniversary to you and lhj
    our 25th is next week - def be needing me some monstas to celebrate!

  8. Congrats on 24 years! Thanks for all the notes and email. So nice to see after a long day at the gym. :)

    Totally get the whole cutting up the books. I just still hoard them no matter how ratty. haha

    Yes Logan was captured on film willingly. He must have been sick.

    The circle card had a hinge I made. Though just writing on the back doesn't sound like a bad idea!

    I love this card. So cute. Thats so sweet he displays it with his treasures. aww

    I fixed my profile I think. Don't know why that was unchecked.

    You can always write me at the tyggereye email addy. Thats my main. They other I check occasionally.

    Love all your stuff during sketch week! Amazing that you were able to keep up. You must have been bringing paper and gluesticks to work with ya. hehe

    Can't wait till the 3rd for card day!


  9. super silly and just PERFECT! I love it

  10. Well, silly absolutely suits you my friend...this is entirely toooooo cute....24 glorious years? I can't believe it because I thought you were about 25 years old....

  11. LOL, when I read the title of your post I just HAD to see the card!!

    It is SO cute!! And anyone who knows you knows that getting a monsta card is the greatest compliment!!

    Happy Anniversary!

    (-: Heidi

  12. What a great amazing card. I also wish you both the very best for your anniversary :D.

  13. Happy Anniversary. Wonderful card. I love that you are making your co-workers wonder. It's good for them. Better for you...

  14. Happy Anniversary!

    It's great that you let your co-workers wonder. It's good exercise for their imaginations!


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