Sunday, August 31, 2008

how to make a photographer HATE YOU

ask them to get you a really good shot of something like this:

(hambly transparency; ki lace cardstock; heidi swapp ghost butterflies & fuzzy rub-ons; martha stewart butterfly punch; doodlebug sparkly cardstock; prima tiny florals; mambi gems; bazzill ink; k&co velvet alphas; basic grey rub-ons; other: foam tape, handmade lace paper, flower pics from a magazine)


a card made from a transparency is ALL reflections and shiny bits.

kind of makes you long for three small sugar-fuelled nieces running around at top speed for relative ease of getting a good image, doesn't it?!

but i don't think i could fit said pint-sized pipsqueaks into an envelope for my sister-in-law kath's birthday, so i'm going with the shiny-sparkly-butterfly card afterall. and you will just have to trust me that it looked EVEN BETTER in real life!

if you are wondering about the mechanics of making such a card, lemme just tell you that the lace cardstock IS NOT there for decoration...although fortunately, it *is* quite decorative...but no, it is there to provide a place to stick the bits of foam tape on which the butterflies are perched! the rhinestones ON the butterflies are serving a similar purpose by hiding said adhesive from the other side. the little paper butterfly INSIDE the card is there to give us a place to sign our names! basically, i'd say that construction of a transparency card is approximately 25% design...and 75% engineering... (which is waaaaaay more than i am really qualified for, to be truthful!) ...but pays off with gratifyingly dramatic results!


  1. is there a butterfly transparency card hall of fame somewhere, because this card needs to be in it! yowza, Lauren, I think you out did yourself here!!!

    is that one butterfly made with prima flowers? many prima flowers?

    stunning!!! gorgeous! fantasmigorical!!!

  2. btw - I posted a link to this on my blog, big props, I know!!! LOL!!! I have a HUGE readership of about 10 peeps!!!

    I'm just so awed by this card!!!

    let me know if that is not copesetic and I'll undo the post pronto!

  3. Brava! Brava! Once again I stand humbled by your genius.

  4. I hate when I can't click and get a life-size shot of your amazing engineering handiwork ... I want a close-up, magnified view of all of your amazing wonderfulness ... another fabo creation my dear.

  5. OMG- this is beautiful! Kudos to you for the engineering and the talent.
    Thank you for the suggestion about bloggers' home page- I have been able to get several questions answered!

  6. OMG, OMG, OMG...there are no words to properly describe how amazing and earthshatteringly (yep that's a word) fantastic I think this is!
    I agree with Phin that this needs to be in the butterfly card hall of fame...or some kind of hall of fame anyway....if the recipient doesn't LOVE this then they're crazy :)
    I can't stop looking at it.....I may just go mad with jealousy over your incredible talent!!!

  7. Wowowow!!! What a beautiful transparent card! I actually think you captured it well with the camera.

    Love your work! ♥

  8. I am not clever enough to figure out how to hide the adhesive. Way too much thinking involved!

    Your card is incredible, as usual, my amazingly talented and creative blogfriend!

  9. what a beauty!!! i really LOVE the butterfly made all of flowers...fab idea!!!

  10. This is beautiful, what a wonderful job

  11. I love all your beautiful work, Lauren, and have "cardlifted" you several times. This particular card has forced me to come out of lurkdom and shower you with maximum accolades allowable! Genius...sheer (literally) genius.

    Your LTM friend,


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