Sunday, August 24, 2008

a few art journal pages

it's been almost a month since i have commenced with the full-on art journal...and i confess that at times i've found it kind of hard...especially at first...especially thinking up what to do. (despite a year of 3BT, i am still not what you'd call a "natural journaler"!) ...BUT... i am proud to say that i have actually made a page every single day and refused to re-do or throw *any* away, even if i don't like them. because LIKING THEM isn't really the point. the point is to make something every day that is just for me. some days i record a feeling, or an event, or something that somebody said that i want to remember. some days i try out an idea or technique or some new product. some days i use up all the miscellaneous stuff that is on my worktable, rather than clean it up! but every day i do SOMETHING. wanna see a few pages?

(magazine ad, dymo labeler, zigwriter pen)
a page about my newly highlighted hair

(glossy red cardstock: jam paper; rub-ons: making memories & gin-x; other: foam tape, magazine images)
a silly page about a kitteh and a mix-up in the dinner order

(cloud-printed envelope (cut up); heron pic from an old book; dymo labeler; colorbox inks; brenda walton alphas & provocraft roller stamp; heidi swapp ghost heart)

a page entitled, "milestones of bad sentence construction"...with good reason...based on something i said unthinkingly to jeff that cracked us both up! this page also showcases my favorite new activity: randomly cutting, inking and pasting lots and lots of little pieces of paper on top of each other to form a background. (i highly recommend this for its theraputic properties...truly, it's the most soothing thing in the world!)

a few more pages tomorrow, perhaps, if i have time to photo them?!


  1. Lauren, i hope everyone is feeling better now over at your house:) great journal pages, i really love that first cute the girl that you made with the great hair!!!

  2. tried commenting earlier but using a PDA and it just couldn't cope with it so now let me say - lurve your work ma'am!

  3. LOL...luv teh kitteh!!!!

    I also love that you immortalized your grammatical faux pas...i read the sentance before i read the bit at the top and said "WTF?" then laughed...lots.

  4. Wow, those pages are AWESOME! Love your style ;)

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