Friday, August 8, 2008

happy 08-08-08

a super-photoshopped picture of sunflowers in a field near our house

i was hoping to post at 8:08 this morning, but i didn't quite make it...and if i leave it til 8:08 tonight it'll never get done!

my plans for this auspicious date include trying to get caught up on a lot of half-finished projects, completing as many errands as possible so as not to venture into "hotspots" over the weekend, and perhaps trying to get the house clean before my dearest darling (who currently has the summer cold from H-E-double-hockeysticks, poor baby!) gets home, so as not to be stirring up dust and dirt around his already overloaded sinuses. pretty much my TYPICAL friday, really, except for the exciting dust-n-sinuses part! :) and yes, indeedy, i am taking A LOT of ecchinacea and vitamin c in hopes of avoiding said germs m'self. though i will probably stock up on tomato soup and fruit salad...just in case...

i hope that whatever you embark upon today, it will be particularly successful--and especially FUN!!!

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