Tuesday, August 26, 2008

yesterday was a bit like this:

don't get me wrong--after a week on my living room floor i am *THRILLED BEYOND MEASURE* to be back at work! but...it was a monday...and i was gone for a week... (just in terms of cleaning issues this is too long) ...and we are in the midst of several transitions...and
...did i mention it was *monday*??!

having said all that, i am undaunted. (mostly) (ok, i am a little daunted...but i'm puttin' a brave face onnit so work with me, ok?!) in fact i have high hopes that my TUESDAY will be more like this:

(& i hope that yours will, also!!!) ♥


  1. Ack! The back thing was that bad? Oh I hope you are taking things easily, what with being back at work and all.

    I shall sleep soundly in my bed tonight in an attempt to get you proper rest ;-)

  2. Poor Lauren...though the pics are funny... I hope your Tuesday was better and that your Wednesday will be all sunshine and happiness :) or at least have chocolate in it...you do know that it produces endorphins that help to alleviate pain, don't you? That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!

  3. Lauren, i hope this means your back is all better? i do feel for you girl...i suffer from sciatica from time to time and i totally know how it is to have that kind of pain...i have never been out of commission for a week though, that stinks...hope all went well with your tuesday and that today is even better!!! i love those pics you found at cheezburger!!!

  4. I agree with Kristie...eat LOTS of dark chocolate :)

    I hope all at work goes smoothly and more quickly than you expect.


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