Saturday, August 2, 2008

BLOG CANDY--extended!!!

edited and reposted, saturday 8-2-08
being as how blogger has been exceptionally temperamental for the last 24 hours, and i have heard from several people that they were unable to access the comments section during that time, i have decided to
extend the drawing deadline
until midnight, on sunday 8-3
(...and i will leave this post on top until then...)

it hardly seems possibly that it's been twelve months since, inspired by clare grant’s amazing blog, three beautiful things, i quite hesitantly decided to embark on my own daily “3BT’ journal! but since i have four--count ’em four--completed 3-month books to prove it, clearly an entire year has indeed elapsed!

the idea was to combine my growing interest in the idea of art journaling with the safety net of the 3BT structure. (seeing as up until then my attempts at journal/diary-keeping had lasted a week, tops, i felt i needed the back-up of something *particular* to record each day!) it took a while for me to get into the routine, and even longer to really allow the “art-journaling” part of it to catch fire, but it has become a habit that's often the best part of my day!

i love looking at all four books together: the first one is tiny, almost entirely flat, and uses hardly anything but the plain ivory pages with which it came stocked; the second is 4 x 6” and while still quite lump-less i had begun to mix in postcards and other ephemera; book three, at 5” square, has started to have some pages with texture, and ribbons & other embellies overhang the edge of an occasional page; the last volume mingles pages of every shape and size, and is crammed full of all the day-to-day treasures i feel compelled to collect and save!

to celebrate my year of “beautiful things” ...and since i've been very remiss in allowing benchmarks like 100 posts and my one-year blogiversary pass unremarked... i've assembled a little collection of BLOG CANDY goodies. look:

the lucky winner gets: 2 making memories 9 x 9 paper packs ("bella" & "sam"); a christina cole 8 x 8 paper slab; an assortment of glittery handmade 8.5 x 11 papers; a set of technique tuesday clear stamps ("petal pushers"); a set of my sentiments exactly clear alphabet stamps ("collage caps"); some mambi bling; american crafts metal photo corners; 2 packs of li'l davis designs glitter garden chipboard shapes ("floral ice" & "floral rose"); 2 packs of chip chatter flower shapes…and maybe one or two surprises from my vast collection of vintage weirdness!

just leave a comment on this post by the new deadline, midnight, sunday august 3, telling me one of YOUR beautiful things for the day to be included in the random drawing. so tell your friends...tell your grandma...tell your grandma's friends and your friends' grandmas ...OR... keep it all to yourself & increase your odds; but whatever you decide, be sure and enter today for a chance at the swag!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

ps: many thanks to nina for teaching me the secret of the tiny heart!!! :)


  1. Wow...what a wonderful and generous giveaway! I love the idea of those mini albums...perfect for gifts and they look so quick and easy to make! I'd have to say my beautiful thing of the day is my birds....corny I know but all the birds I feed out in my yard have their babies out and it is such a sight to see! Thanks for the chance!

  2. 'My beautiful thing of today' was the power snooze I just woke from. Even though we are only halfway through our day here I know nothing cold be better than this!

  3. Is the tiny heart really a deeply held secret? Is there something I can do to gain access to the precious knowledge that produces these little gems? How CUTE is that???

    I love your albums. I wish I had the drive to do something like that. I'm a good starter of all things fun, but am lousy at finishing anything that takes more than 90 minutes to complete the entire project. Which is why I card and don't scrapbook. Blah. Help me Lauren!

    Oh great candy btw. You could pick me and maybe I'd start an art journal with all of those lovelies.

    Oh yes, a beautiful thing. Leave it to me to write a book and forget to include the qualifying factor.

    My beautiful thing today is that I have an 11 year old for one more day. I am on the verge of an almost teenager and today is beautiful because I can enjoy 11 in all its eleven-ness for another 24 hours.

    Thanks for the inspiration girl :)

  4. Today I had 3 beautiful things... laughing with my sister over nothing at all, seeing an enormous flock of cockatoos all with their heads down eating grass seed in the grassy area next to the uni library, and finally, coming here to see all that DELISH blog candy...does sucking up get me an extra chance?

  5. Wow, Lauren! That is some serious blog candy! My beautiful thing today is my 2 year old daughter who decided to snuggle with me this morning. It was perfectly beautiful!

  6. Awesome looking journals - I too couldnt keep one for more than five minutes!!

    My Beautiful thing for the day was getting a hug via Aunty Sylvia - from 2 little boys who moved away and I didnt get to see in time. I asked AS to give them a hug and tell them I loved them and this is what I got in return :)

    Have a wonderful day :)

  7. Such SWAG!!! Nice lumpy journals!

    My beautiful thing was seeing my 6mo. old grandson. What a joy! He is the sweetie-est little guy!

    Will you be sharing the tiny heart secret with us (please)?!

  8. My 1st beautiful thing of the day was seeing the children's looks of wonder, amazement and joy when I delivered a goldfish to my son's daycare this morning. What a blessing to find such happiness in simply seeing a "common, everyday" fish!

    My 2nd beautiful thing of the day was seeing the colorful, semi-professionally published matrix I'd completed this morning. Sounds bleh, but I've been working on this same project for a-g-e-s and it is great to see something in print at last!

    ps: found you via Trashy's blog and you work is fantastic!!

  9. I love your books, they're fabulous! My beautiful thing for today actually happened last night. I sat and watched a spider spin his entire web on my back porch. It's amazing how intricate and sturdy those things really are!

  10. Lauren, your books look amazing...i like the flower shaped on in the lower right reminds me of your original blog banner...i would love to win your giveaway, i really could use some stamps...and everything else looks really great i know you have to have some great ephemera...MY beautiful thing for today was that my DH and i went into my flowerbeds today and we pulled out all of the weeds that were taking over...we had fun and the beds look GREAT!!!

  11. 3BT for me today - 1. i discovered your blog (very timely too)
    2. Im thinking about taking on board this 3bt idea as it is a lovely one
    3. my son was crying this morning but after a cuddle and a little song he slept another hour with me in bed

  12. Beautiful for me was a surprise call from my sister ... just to say hello.

  13. My beautiful thing for today was not HAVING to search the job boards for work. After a year of searching everyday...I finally got an offer to work. The best part is, I'll still be teaching. Congrats on completing your first year of 3BT's that is quite a milestone. Now what will you do with all this free time?

  14. Just found your blog via Trashy's which I came to via Kitty's Bloggy Bits. Love your books. I'm still plucking up the courage to try making one. It's a bit daunting compared to a card or a set of ATCs :-)

    Thanks for the chance to win some great blog candy. My beautiful thing today was the amazing Rainbow that I saw from my craft room window following a truly horrendous hailstorm!



  15. Wow. That's some seriously lush looking blog candy :)

    Your books are beautiful. I understand completely what you mean about starting journals and only lasting a week, that's the reason I don't journal (I'm hopeless!). Your books have given me some food for thought though, maybe I could manage 3 months with a theme to keep me going.

    My beautiful thing for today?? Hmmmm. I have to go to the dentist this afternoon for a tooth extraction. I know that doesn't sound very beautiful.... but it will be beautifully blissful once it's gone because it's killing me at the moment! LOL.


  16. Oooo - I forgot to say that the Trashcan lady sent me!

    Hi Trashy! *WAVING* ;)


  17. Hi Lauren..
    Wow what fab candy!!!
    Well your books are all sunning as always..TFI!!:)
    One of my fav things for today is....seeing My Grandson Mason who`s three!!!Iand of course I have to say...
    Browsing the blogs and finding new and exiting creations!!!:):):)
    Hope you have a nice Day Lauren:)x

  18. The prettiest books!! *drools*

    A beautiful thing is my chubby miss Belle, asleep, tummy up - on the kitchen floor, in a speck of sunlight.
    (She's a cat - so it's not as strange as it might first seem.)

    The wondrous thing about that is that she was she tiniest, mostscared little thing when I got her. Afraid of her own shadow - and most of all: of human feet and hands. (I have never asked. I don't want to know!)

    Seing her this comfortable and 100% trusting now, makes my heart melt. That trust is the most beautiful thing I have ever managed to create.

  19. My beautiful thing of the day is waking up beside my beautiful boyfriend, smelling the sunkissed skin on his shoulder, seeing the blue sky, the lake, flowers and trees outside our summer house, hearing my father shouting that the coffee is ready. Life is easy :)

  20. Hello!! My beautiful thing for today--I found an artist that combines humor and art, and he had me laughing before 6am!! I love starting the day with laughter!!

    You have a beautiful blog!!
    I am also having a giveaway, so come on over and join in!!

  21. My beautiful thing for the day was watching our barn cat teach her kittens to hunt.

  22. Some of you guys will probably find this cheesy but my beautiful thing for yesterday was starting my new job! I haven't worked for a LOOOONG time (a lot of different reasons) and it felt soo good to be taking that step. No, it's not working at a Fortune 500 company or a "big wig" job, but it's a BIG step for me and is giving me some MUCH NEEDED confidence in myself!

  23. Wow, what gorgeous goodies, how absolutely awesome are you!
    I love those mini albums, im a huge fan of the mini, just love them!

    My beautiful thing for today is that my 15 year old son can still come up and give me a cuddle and say i love you mum. It doesnt happen often but i just melt when it does.

  24. I'm so glad I've bloghopped over to your blog, what beautiful work you do. I scrap and stitch but I'm no where in you're league of scrapping....I'm a copier!!
    Anyway my most beautiful thing today is that it has only just begun! The sun is shining, birds are singing, there's alot to be happy about!!

  25. oh my goodness gracious. I miss looking at your blog and all your pretty things you make. :) You inspire me!

    The beautiful thing that i am so excited to share is this: we are on vacation and i have to say that the beauty of nature has surprised me again. The vast expanse from our hotel balcony is breathtaking and i have my new Digital SLR to capture it! The inspiration it brings me is unbelieveable!

    i congratulate you on your recognition of your beautiful blessings in your own life! <3

  26. My beautiful thing for the day..was the rain shower we got. It sounds so good. And I know my flowers enjoyed it too! :)

  27. My beautiful thing for today (thus far, it's only 7am here) is being able the sit and watch my baby sleep. Throughout the day, he's so active and I constantly have to tell him not to touch things, not to jump off things, etc... While he sleeps I can just enjoy his sweet face. It reminds me of when he was just a couple months old, laying there and being sweet.

  28. My beautiful thing for today was that my son who is six drew a picture today of his mummy, daddy, brother, sister, himself, grandad. But the really beautiful thing is that he also included his nanny who is in heaven (she died in December 2007) as an angel. When he showed me it I just burst into tears. Sad story but also beautiful (to me). Sorry it's so long.

  29. my BT was actually on Tuesday...I watched a bird swoop from a ledge and catch a snack mid-flight. I only know this as she came back chomping on said snack.

    how many times have I thot how cool it would be to be able to fly like a bird, floating on thermals?

    well, I can, in my dreams and imagination
    : .)

    btw - stalking your blog on a daily basis is a BT also, for humor and art, humorous art? anyway, not to butter you up or anything. but I'd use real butter if I had too, hee!!!

  30. Hello! I've come from WMK and my beautiful thing of today has just been the thunder and lightning storm - so very beautiful as it hasn't rained for ages and the garden is so thirsty! The rain came down so hard it bounced off the trampoline, formed a mini stream down the road and has left a wonderful clean smell in the air. I know that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but really, summer storms are wonderful. They make me want to get my wellies on and splash in the puddles

  31. hi great blog and super sweet blog cnady! wow! my beautiful thing of today was the moment when my little broteher ( he is 6) came back from vacation trip and told me he missed me:)

  32. I just love the idea of the 3BT's. Hmmmnn very acheivable project for mother of 3 with 1 cooking!! LOL.

    My Beautiful Thing today was at the end of a hard Mummy day we all sat down, snuggled together and watched a video as a family. Even Alexandra who's 18 mos curled up on my lap with her Teddy under one arm, thumb in her mouth and her head securely nestled under my chin while I had my arm around Katelin 6 and holding Tom 4's hand. Ohhh i'm having a moment!!

  33. My beautiful thing for today - actually having a chance to check YOUR blog! i've been soo busy for the past 3 weeks (new job) i havent been able to do any blog visiting. i come here and see your wonderful books and i'm smiling from ear to ear. i've missed checking in! My beautiful thing for yesterday was getting to go out to a stamp store with JUNE! we had such a wonderful time catching up and buying fun stuff and they were having a big old party at the store and we got mugs stuffed with some fun freebies. total bonus.
    i'm gonna try to check in more regularly now that things have started to get a little more normal. good to see you're still here sweetie!

  34. Wow! That's very generous of you, Lauren! Was feeling a lil blue and wanted some cheering up...which you & your Blog always does...and am I lucky that I came over?!

    My beautiful thing for today - It's my new found friend's Birthday, currently in Lebanon!

  35. Lovely. My beautiful thing today is the fun of taking a chance on the drawing - congratulations on our 3BT year,

  36. My beautiful thing is walking my friend's dog and ending up entangled in leashes when we met some canine friends along the way.

  37. My Beautiful Thing is the amazing trail worldwide for which Clare Grant, the Original 3BT'er is responsible. She has reminded us all to do what we did as children when we were full of awe and wonder at all the amazing things around us every day. My heartfelt thanks to her and all of you out there, for bringing me back to simpler appreciations and for the chance to "meet" so many fascinating people. Alison

  38. Today after 20 days of 90's degree heat, it rained. First, the dark clouds came from over the mountains.I heard the splats on the garden pavers. I stood outside in the garden while thick raindrops plunked down onto my head.

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