Tuesday, August 5, 2008

from your closet...

...to the CAARDVARKS' gallery! yes, it is challenge time again. you can probably guess by the title "from your closet" where we're going with this: dresses, shoes, handbags, flip flops, t-shirts, clothing or accessories of any kind...it is all fair game for your creativity!

the design team have gone to town with this one, and i highly recommend a glimpse at their work! of course, your card can be sitting in that same gallery --just link it to the "from your closet" post by midnight on 8-17 and you will also have a shot at a rather fabulous prize: the current kit from scrapbook nook is up for grabs, and trust me, YOU WANT IT!!!

i am pretty pleased with my own card this time. i generally try to avoid buying product specifically for any given assignment--to me part of the challenge is making the abundance of stuff i already have work in a variety of ways. ...but...last week i happened to be in a scrapbook store and i saw these rub-ons from fancy pants:

and suddenly the vague ideas i had, involving pink dressmaker's patterned paper and vintage buttons and decorative stitching all coalesced around those three little dress outlines over on the far right, and i saw THIS in my head:

so of course i bought the rubs, went home, rummaged through my stash for additional sewing-based items and built THIS around it:

(patterned paper: fancy pants, mustard moon, basic grey; cardstock diecuts: k&co; rub-ons: fancy pants: bling word: mambi (thanks, elizabeth!) other: wired pearls, vintage buttons, fabric flower, colorbox inks, foam tape)

what's in YOUR closet...and what kind of card will you make from it?!


  1. Oh so fabulous! What a perfectly feminine and lovely card. You just get better and better...who thought it could be possible to improve on a Lauren card? You are a card creating genius, girlfriend. And that "Nook" has provided a fantastic prize pack too :)

  2. Far too much crubbish in my closet to even think about using anything from it!

    A fabulous card and v. girly too. Noice!

  3. Lauren, you are amazing. I LOVE YOUR CARD. Every single detail. Those little dresses on the paper are perfect. This card is too perfect. I can't even find the words...

  4. Hmmm... This is possibly THE prettiest card I've ever seen!

  5. This is just gorgeous!! The cluster of pearls and goodies in the corner is such a lovely addition to the rubs and other elements. Sheer brilliance as usual, my dear!! xo

  6. OH MY WOW!!!! Lauren! this card is sooooo beyond amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

  7. what a BEAUTY!!! i just love everything about this card Lauren...makes me want to whip out my sewing machine and make something!!!
    that is saying a LOT, i do NOT really enjoy playing with my sewing machine:)
    that may all change now...

  8. OMG Lauren! Your card is BEAUTIFUL! this has to be one of my all time favs of yours! GREAT JOB Woman!

  9. I really love this card ... reminds me of my grandma who used to make me whatever outfit I wanted for my birthday ... picking out the pattern, fabrics ... great memories.

  10. SIMPLY STUNNING!!! The talent is just oozing from your finger tips. I'm afraid you don't want to see what's in my closet. YIKES!

  11. That is fantastic!!!
    Youve really captured the theme...
    I wouldnt be able to use anything in my closet it is full of plainness


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