Monday, August 11, 2008

operation 32: ANGER

ok, this was a *FUN* one!

when elise asked, "what makes you angry?" as part of this week's paper adventure prompt, i wasn't sure how i could make that into a page i'd want to save forever. but i'll tell you what, the next time you are feeling upset, just start typing furiously (in both senses of the word!) EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD that annoys you: big & small, temporary & long-lasting, silly & serious; then play around with some fonts...maybe add a few layers...and print it all out! i'm tellin' ya, it's better than therapy, and a damn sight cheaper!!!

(software: broderbund printshop; fonts: ck typewriter & linenstroke; chipboard alphas: lil davis; photo from "i can has cheeseburger")

a small side benefit of paper adventure which i'm really enjoying is the way i am unintentionally recording things i am "into" this year. like using certain products because they are my current faves, or trying out the "hot" technique i just saw in a magazine. in this case, by using this funny lolcat picture to illustrate "angry" it's also recording for all posterity the fact that, for at least this particular 6 months of 2008, i was addicted to a website called "i can has cheeseburger". i suspect that 20 years from now, i will enjoy remembering stuff like that almost as much as the memories i am documenting on purpose! :)


  1. Fab layout ,just love your cat picture ,fab work ,Dawnx

  2. haha I love this. I've never seen that blog though I read her duh! Have you started from the beginning or just picked it up recently?

  3. great response.
    glad it turned into something you want to keep!!

  4. Ohmy great page - I love those kitties!

  5. oooh heck!!!sCardey cat!!!lol.....
    Raar!!!looks a bit likie me in the morn...or a slight resemblence anyways!!!I love it Miss Lauren...:)
    You are a little Monkey ...but you are fabulously one talented Lady in every possible craft aspect for sure!!!!
    `Thankyou` Thankoyu` Thankyou`....
    and a very pleasant Day to yourself...Hope it`s a lot warmer where you are ...heating full on here!!!!lol.....

  6. I love how you pulled together all the different elements here! And totally agree about the side benefits of this project (for me it's also learning photoshop!)

  7. How did I miss this post yesterday? It's PERFECT! Lots of stuff angers me, yet I would have struggled with this assignment. You did it! Perfect, perfect, perfect :)

  8. Daer Lauren,

    Love the pic! What a cutiepie!
    Just that little nose!!!!
    And those ears! Yeh....the ANGER-challenge was quite something! It woke things up, didn't it?
    Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog!
    Hug, Jen.


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