Friday, August 15, 2008

operation 33: GO WORLD!

here is this week's paper adventure prompt, from elise, in full:

I am crazy inspired by the current VISA commercials for the Olympics. Actually, I am just crazy inspired by the Olympics. Take this challenge however you would like, but your starting off point? Go World.

ok, so usually at this point i would explain why i chose to go the way i went. except i can't. i was pondering the prompt while brushing my teeth and the whole entire thing just came to me, in a rush. all i did was write it down. basically, the premise is, what if there were an ACTUAL "mother earth"...and all the countries of the world were her children?

(software: broderbund printshop; fonts: international chunkfunk...hey don't look at me, i don't make the names up!...jules girl talk, 3 hour tour; cardstock: staples; transparency: 3m)

the text is on regular old white index stock; the frame is clipart from broderbund printshop which i printed on an inkjet transparency; it's a separate layer that can be moved so you can see the text more easily. the text--and there's lots of it--reads,

"Treat each other nicely! Would you like it if he invaded your BREAKAWAY regions?? Well, would you?! No pushing and shoving--everyone will get their turn! OOF!!! And no hitting! I saw that! I don't CARE who started it! India and Pakistan, can you please *SHARE* Kashmir?! Thank you! Right--whose turn is it to reduce the world's carbon footprint? Well, settle it or I'll ASSIGN someone. NO DESSERT until everyone's implemented a basic human rights policy! North Korea, do you need a TIMEOUT??! If I have to pull over and come back there, SOMEBODY'S gonna be sorry! China, use your *INDOOR* voice! So what if all the other countries have a nuclear arms program? If all the other countries were jumping off the roof, I suppose you'd want to do that, too?! I said no hitting--HONESTLY it's like I'm talking to myself! Look everyone: Switzerland has made some lovely chocolates! ...and when's the last time THEY had an internal conflict, eh?? The rest of you could stand to be a bit more like Switzerland you know... Big guys, help the little guys! If you weren't too tired to MAKE that mess, I don't want to hear that you're too tired to clean it up! Hey, USA! Nobody likes a tattle tale OR a know-it-all!!! Cool it, ok? Now who'd like to choose the book for storytime?


  1. you clever, clever artist, you!!!


    so graphically different from your other stuffs. I like it!!!
    a lot!

  2. You crease me up! This is so funny I have just read it out loud to the troops here. The terences have responded with smiles.

  3. You are SO ready for world domination. You have my vote!!! Can I write your name on my ballot in November?

  4. How fabulous are you xxxxx
    top work from you again babe xxxDawnxx

  5. Love the way you wrote this down!
    Keep up with the good stuff!!!
    HUG, JEN.

  6. Thought I should leave another comment seeing as blogger ate the first one :) even reading this again I am hearing my mother's voice...if the two of you got together you truly could rule the world!! I'd vote for you too :)
    On the other note, I do know exactly how you feel!! It's one thing to deal with one or the other, but the two together are a nightmare...I know as I have an evil cough and YOU know what that's like, right? Hope you feel MUCH better very soon!!! xoxox

  7. You go girl ... if everyone listened more to mother earth, we'd all be in a better place ... love this!

  8. oh I love this! very clever, and fun...and I only wish we had a Mother Earth to whip us all back into shape!!

  9. That is hilarious!! (I found you through Lori. :)
    Hope your back gets better.


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