Monday, August 18, 2008

insult to injury

so last friday, just when i was *finally* getting over COLDZILLA whaddaya think happened??!

uh huh. you guessed it:



and i mean reallllllly totally completely utterly no-seriously-i-can't-straighten-up out.

photo taken over the weekend...that is me, on the right! (yeeeouch!)

so i didn't do much card-makin' or blog-writin' or blog-visitin' done his weekend. i didn't do much of anything, really, unless you count "whining" as an accomplishment.
(in which case: I ROCKED!!!)

on the plus side, a casting agent from sesame street happened to see me on my way to an emergency chiropractor visit, and i've been offered a starring role as the QUESTION MARK for next season!!! :)

in the meantime, here's a card i made for amazing terrie bailey a couple of weeks ago, that i never posted. (i was waiting till she received, so it wouldn't ruin the surprise!)

(patterned paper: urban lily, sei, doodlebug; glossy balck cardstock: ranger; rub-ons: american crafts; ghost butterflies: heidi swapp; epoxy sticker: love elsie; gems: mambi; other: foam tape, colorbox inks, zig & sharpie pens, stickles)

btw, the new CAARDVARKS challenge begins on wednesday, 8-20, (for which i had thankfully--in a rare moment of get-ahead-y-ness--completed LAST weekend!) so be sure to tune in for that!


  1. Hmmm... suggest buying a lottery ticket soon b/c your luck has to change at some point!

    Hope you are feeling better again before too long.

  2. my my my...poor YOU!!! be better soon Miss Lauren!!!

    a funny thing, i was contacted by Sesame Street also, i was asked to be the exclamation point!!! how ironic!!!

  3. Having noticed your lack of presence I *assumed* that the evil back monster had visited your house as well. Whining is GOOD. According to Mad I don't do enough of it and therefore no-one takes my problems seriously!!!! Whine away girl! I truly hope that you are starting to feel better, but knowing what it's like when it really goes....well, I just hope it doesn't last too long! I have recently come across a rather awesome linament made from Emu Oil...not entirely sure how they get the oil out of the emus and I don't think I want to know either!! But it is very good for the nasty muscles spasms...though the smell is not very pleasant...LOL! If nothing else getting LHJ to rub it in should be nice ;)

    btw: the card is spectacular!!!

  4. Oh, Sweetie, I've been thinking about you all day and hoping your cold is much better. And now your back is being uncooperative, how rude and inconvenient! I hope the chiropractor got you some relief and that you sleep well tonight :)

  5. Sorry to read that your back has done that bad thing again .... I can definitely recommend surgery. Sure it may cost a couple of K and post-surgery isn't much fun, but (touching wood) I haven't looked back (titter) .... but that's mainly because I can't actually turn around anymore ....

    And you probably don't need those vertebrae anyway ....

    Whichever way you go - and if your chiropractor is a hunk, all to the good - I hope you'll be fixed soon.

    Fabulous card, dahling, and I love the Go World one too - sounds like me in the back of the car. Only I'm much more political ;)


  6. Oh, what a lovely card!
    Get well soon!!

  7. And believe me this card is even nicer in the flesh It is absolutly `Beautiful` I loves it with all me heart and shall treasure it always and ever and ever Lauren..I do hope your feeling alot better my sweet:)xxx
    `Thankyou` sooooooooo much:)


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