Saturday, August 9, 2008

operation 30: FIVE YEARS

i know what you're thinking: no paper adventure pages for *ages* and then TWO come along in the same week! yepper, i've finished another one. this one's called "five years" and in actual fact we were meant to say where we thought we'd be five years from now. as i was thinking about that, i was also editing pics from a recent playdate with my nieces and nephew, and it occurred to me that five years ago, the eldest, riley, was just a year old, and the rest weren't even a glimmer in anyone's eye. it also occurred to me that five years from now, riley will be *eleven* and young matthew (whose first birthday is not until september) will be SIX! the more i thought about it, the more i realized that absolutely EVERYTHING about all four kids--except their names--is going to change completely in the next five years...probably more than once! i can't imagine what they'll be into by then, but i don't want to forget the little things that are true right now, so i chose a photo i especially liked from that day and started making a few notes. i wound up making a fold-out page so i could fit it all in.

(patterned paper: ki; journaling cards & flowers: making memories; chipboard letters & cardstock diecuts: k&co; other: colorbox inks, sharpie pens, foam tape, typewriter)

hand written text reads,

"5 more than a lifetime to most of these guys! which is why it seems very important to record some of the small details of this random summer day. july 2008"

typed boxes read,

"riley spent ages learning how to braid barbie's hair. she kept practicing & practicing until she could do it."

"matthew likes to scoot around on the floor now, and has started to pull himself up to stand holding on to something"

"madeline divides all experience into things that have happened since she turned four...and EVERYTHING ELSE!"

"lindsay does not like cake (!) and eats mac-n-cheese every single day for lunch. (it has to be mommy's speical homemade kind!)

"dora the explorer, clifford, barbie, dressing up, baby dolls, dancing lessons and playing at the playground (w/an emphasis on swings & slides) are highly popular. and of course the disney princesses still RULE THE EARTH!!"


  1. That's gorgeous! You are so right, it is the little things that count and are important to remember. :)

  2. That is so sweet! It really makes you think about how much can change in that space of time! Mmmmm, very philosophical you've made me, and on a Sunday morning too!

  3. what a fantastical idea to use this challenge to chronicle the goings on of your sweet little nieces and nephew...your page is gorgeous and that picture so adorable...oh and RE: your post below...i spent 8/8/08 at work...yeah, THAT was real fun...not...

  4. In 5 years your nieces and nephew will treasure your little Paper Adventure books. They will come visit and look through your books over and over again. Each page is a piece of your personality and talents that they adore about Super Cool Aunt Lauren. I know I would!

  5. I have learned from my 3 year old niece that Disney princesses do indeed rule the earth ... and if you dress like a princess and wear your crown, that apparently you will get to live in a castle with a handsome prince one day :^)


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