Tuesday, September 2, 2008

operation 34: TO DO

as you know, it often takes me a week or two to physically make and post my paper adventure pages, but it doesn't mean i am not "working on" them before that. often i'll have the whole concept in my head...down to having written the journaling... (sometimes on the back of an envelope whilst driving to work!) ...and even knowing what products i'll use...from 5 minutes after i have read the prompt. this was one of those times:

(patterned paper: melissa frances, american crafts; journaling card, numbers & velvet letters: making memories; cardstock letter stickers: basic grey; roller stamp: provocraft; other: sharpie & uniball pens; ranger & colorbox inks; teddybear sticker; bits of (clean!) tissue stuck on with gluestick)

this prompt "to do" was from the week before last, whilst i was in the grips of COLDZILLA. i read it whilst i was taking a day off and laying miserably in bed and i thought, "well clearly i am gonna have to pick a different day, since today's agenda is pretty much just 'nap' and 'moan'...and not necessarily in that order!" and then 5 seconds later it hit me: *that* list is WAY BETTER than a regular one! i knew i wanted sickly green tones and specifically those fuzzy green letters, but that was as far as i got until this weekend. i found the loved-to-death teddy in with my stickers; but my favorite bit...the tiny crumpled tissues...were added at the very last minute, and they totally make me laugh!


  1. i am living that right now Lauren...i have been very sick since i got home from work on sunday morning...of course i can still manage to get on this 'puter:) oh, and fyi: a new blog on blogger does NOT grant you more picture space...i guess you have a set blogger amount of space and that is that...i thought i was starting over too with the upload amounts...nope!!!

  2. Sounds like the perfect *sick day* to do list...or even the perfect *my back is throwing a tantrum and trying to kill me day* list for that matter! btw: that teddy is too cute...I have a real life collection of teddies that Mama has given me...one for every time I've been in hospital...they're all boys, cause what else do you need when you're in the hospital but a cute boy to keep you company :)

  3. Kristie, of course teddys are always boys. It's just the law.

    Loving the crumpled tissues. Promise me they were clean ones...

  4. ooh this is cute. I like this. Thanks for all your great notes. I'll keep ya posted on the dollhouse!

    Off to work on some art journal pages myself. :)

  5. You are so funny! I especially love the facial tissues by the teddy bear :)

  6. This made my day. I love this addition to your Paper:08 book! And the tissues totally MAKE the page i must say! The teddy bear is really cute too!

    I just hope the tissues weren't used! haha just kidding!

  7. What a cute and "real" page. That'll be a great addition to your 2008 book.


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