Sunday, December 2, 2007

on the second day of CardMaps...

...the caardvarks sent to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

a sketch, actually, that looked very much like this one by becky fleck:

...and i made a card that looked very much like this one:

("merry merry merry" from an old xmas card, basic grey patterned paper & cardstock, making memories glittery letter stickers, colorbox ink)

...and we lived happily ever after!

(oh yeah...and in the meantime the design team all made cool cards, too...and then everyone waited to see what YOU would make!)


  1. Love your creative spirit. Your work is truly fun and individualized (unlike the ton of stuff I see on the net).Keep going. And thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. Good luck with yours! Be creative, be passionate--- always :)

  2. It's beautiful! Im gonna try some of these sketches!

  3. THanks for the link to Becky Flecl and the caardvarks. The inspirationflow is growing here. I love it

    Keep blogging


  4. Love that you recycled a bit from an old card!

  5. now i love this card! of course i really love basic grey so you had me pretty much right away but i like that you flipped the sketch and i realy like the blue piece (with the blue swirls just peeking in from the left) but the really subtle thing and what, in my mind, pulls it all together, is that piece from the old card with those wee little cardinals - to pick up the red and balance the whole thing - not to mention how the merry merry merry then reads Christmas (which it wouldn't do if you hadn't flipped the sketch) - you are too good missy!


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