Thursday, December 6, 2007


...just six...
today i am skipping over the title* in order to get right to the cool sketch:

and here is my card of which i am moderately proud...but in a humble sort of way, o'course:

(dcwv patterned paper, doodlebug cardstock, faux stitching & paper frill, making memories brads & plastic sticker, paper source puffy felt flowers, dmc embroidery floss)

of course by now you will have realized that the sketch is from becky fleck's new set of december CardMaps, and that design team have also made lovely cards which follow the same basic design, and that by checking out the comments sections of this week's caardvarks' posts you can follow links to see additional awesome cards from talented folks around the world. woohoo. so i think my work here is done.

ciao, darlings!

*this is not because i couldn't think of anything cool that revolved around the number six. nooooooo sirree bob! by golly when it comes to six-based puns i was SPOILT for choice,i tell ya. oh yes indeedy, i could have wowed you with any number of sixly hilariousnesses. i merely chose not to**

**just to be clear: by "chose not to" i mean, of course, "i could not think of anything immediately and couldn't be bothered to keep trying". yes, i am lame. but honest. (eventually.) also, children, pets and old people love me. (well, some of them do.) anyhow, just you wait until tomorrow!*** hoooooooooo doagie i will have some good titleage for ya then, by golly!



  1. I love this card too! Love the stitching and the flowers and the choice of papers!

  2. This is one of my favorite cards you have made. Yeah, I really like them all (I'm a Lauren are truly artistic and unique). I have that rub-on faux stitching, and I never realized how much it reminds me of snowflakes or twinkling Christmas lights...whatever. Totally Christmassy (is that a word????) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

  3. cuteness abounds! this is adorable and so are you you crazy girl you - love that stitching and those flowers and just its overall christmassyness! from your newest caardvark, t :-)

  4. Your "moderately proud" card too is quite nice. I quite like your honesty regarding not coming up immediately with anything involving "six"!;-)


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