Friday, December 7, 2007

seventh heaven*

well, it is not without a certain sadness that i type the last post of CardMapsWeek. i will miss waking up each morning knowing i have a cool card to show, and an even cooler becky fleck sketch to unveil. and then i get to surf around to everyone's blogs and see what amazing creations they have made using the previous day's sketch.

but not to worry, i have a feeling we will be seeing ms. becky in the caardvarks' vicinity again before toooooo very much time has passed... that's just a feeling mind you. it's not like i know about something which i can't tell yet but i'm alluding mysteriously to it just to be obnoxious. because you know i would never do anything like that!!! (place diabolical laughter here)

and now... (place trumpetty fanfare noise here) ...the sketch for day seven:

and card! (place rapturous applause here):

(dcwv patterned paper, creative imaginations scalloppy paper, sandylion stickers & sticky gems, making memories credit card tag, you can't see it on the scan, but i used a silvery sakura glitter pen to outline around the edges of the tree paper and around the scallops, so that there is a very soft shimmer of sparkle as not to distract from the very LOUD sparkle of the 30+ round & snowflake shaped rhinestones!!!)

even though we've concluded with the sketch challenges, you might like to check for a bit of news on the caardvarks' site over the weekend. you know...just in case there is something interesting to be revealed? oh yeah, and who can say if there won't even be another little challengey type event posting on monday, as well??

happy weekend, darlings!

*see, i told you that today i would be back to makin' with the excellent numerically punny titles! did believe me...right?!


  1. Great card as usual! Love the *Sparkle*! Have a great weekend! Chill!

  2. Lauren, this is my very favorite card of yours!!!! It's beautiful!!!!! The paper, the colors, the snowflake stickers, etc, everything is fantazmagorical girl!!!!!


  3. Phew - I'm exhausted now .... after following all those "laugh now", "clap now" instructions. Really, I'm a sucker for rules.

    But it was definitely worth it for such a fabulous card, darlink!

    And have a happy weekend yourself :)

  4. oh it's wonderful! i love how you have the snowflakes floating across the card, very pretty!

  5. Oo Lovin' that snowflake bling!!! That pattern paper rocks. I gottsta get me some!!
    Hope you're having a relaxing weekend! It snowed a bit here last night ( juuuuust a dusting ) but it freshened up the 'old' snow from last week. For a change, December LOOKS like winter! I'm LOVIN' IT!!

  6. Gorgeous, soooo pretty! I love it!


  7. I sooo love your snowflake effect!


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