Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the last two christmas cards...

...but then...i'm not showing them in order! :)

(k&co and dcwv patterned paper; making memories & doodlebug cardstock stickers; provocraft and k&co rub-ons; queen & co brads; plus: pom-pom, foam tape, glitter glue; the fact of the last two cards being a cat AND some sweet little birds did not strike me until i came to scan the cards in question. not only is it a nice--if unintentional--visual's an apt metaphor for ME and xmas at this point in time. hint: in this scenario, i am the birds!)

the joy and the rapture of completing these babies lasted right up until last night, when, having done 90% of the writing and the labelling...i realized...i still need a few more. which will need to be made from scratch. it's a good thing i don't have the time or energy to panic, because between that and the fact that i took stock of the gifts i have already aquired...vis a vis the amount conjunction with the fact that christmas is two weeks from YESTERDAY...and yes, i am still fightin' my frickin' back at every turn...

well, let's just say A LOT of people will be getting money or giftcards this year...some of which may not arrive until early january (is it too late to convert to eastern orthodox??!) and/or be presented in [GASP!] store-bought cards.

but as cathy zielske so brilliantly said:

sometimes "good enough" is good enough

right on, sister! if i had the time, i'd embroider that on a cushion!


  1. i LOVE the kitty cat, so cute:) and i did read your peppermint patty post but was sidetracked from the 'puter before i left a comment...funny from my mother's mouth to my sister's ear this year:

    M: what do you want for Christmas?
    S: i don't know
    M: you are SO hard to buy for


    S: mom, my house burned down, i have nothing, you could buy me anything and i'll be thrilled

    yes, we are now able to laugh about this a sister's new house is being built as we "speak" and my mother still doesn't know what to get her for Christmas:)

  2. i'm glad you're not showing them in order ;-) ha!
    more adorable wonderful cards!
    i hope your back eases up cos i know this time of year isn't gonna. take it easy ok?

  3. Good enough, girlfriend, good enough!! Don't kill yourself.


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