Thursday, December 13, 2007

mas tarjetas de navidad

yes indeedy, seeing as how the christmas-card-revealing process has been going on now for 1427 consecutive blog posts, i have run out of clever ways to introduce yet more of said creations. so this morning i borrowed a cup of spanish to complete the task. tienes gusto? gracias!

(yet more bits cut from old xmas cards; dcwv patterned paper; creative imaginations, doodlebug & autumn leaves rub-ons, jewelcraft gems, foam tape, stickles)

having been lucky enough to enjoy a couple of warmish (high 40's low 50's) nice-ish (not precisely sunny, but not *unremittingly* overcast) days here in new jersey, the ice and assorted sky-based frozen crap which has been plaguing the midwest seems to have finally arrived. hooray. if you are someplace where this is occurring, please be especially careful when driving, walking, or in any other way interacting with said disgustingness! which is not to say that the rest of you should go about doing cartwheels in traffic or driving backwards at speeds upwards of 150 miles per hour, executing dukes-of-hazzard-style 360 degree turns beneath underpasses...

...though of course if you *DO* sure to take photos and send me a link! ;)


  1. girl you crack me up:) yes we had the very fetching freezing rain all morning here...ugggh...LOVE the cards!!!

  2. the cards (and the posts) are wonderful. i have loved looking at each and every one and wish it could go on and on (but i know when your makin Christmas cards all you want to know is when will it be over - no matter how great they turn out! LOL)
    sorry bout the weather i'm sure you're getting right now. we also had very silly december temps the last two days (up to 60 on Wed!) and now we're paying for it cos its cold.. but no snow.....
    stay warm missy!

  3. Did you know that your cards are phenominal?! I wanted to let you know that, just in case you weren't aware!
    Oh.. and yes you absolutely CRACK ME UP! I laugh till I cry! GOOD STUFF, GOOD STUFF!!!


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