Friday, December 28, 2007

some lovely cards i DID NOT make!

i got a fantastic variety of lovely photo cards this year (i hasten to say that all of these were *received* well before the was i who ran out of time for posting them):

nieces riley and lindsay looking usual!

niece madeline sharing the spotlight with young matthew
for the first time this year

i was honored to receive 007's festive greeting from m'lovely pal monkee maker* (you can read his official holiday address here)

the vicious chicken* would like to assure us that no brussel sprouts were harmed during the making of this FABULOUS card...although fairly immediately afterward, they did become a tasty sidedish! :)

(and of course i've already shown you the ingenious steph's masterpiece, here!)

speaking of cards

there is still time (until midnight, 12/31) to make one which includes rickrack for the current CAARDVARKS challenge! i have been impressed by how many lovely cards were submitted...even in the thick of holiday preparations! clearly the rest of the cardmaking world is a bit more organized than i am**!

if you don't happen to like that challenge (or if, like tracy, you have already set bold new records of gorgeousness in the field!) there will be a new one starting...appropriately enough...on new year's day! it'll be a sketch challenge featuring a brand new, EXCLUSIVE cardmap from the amazin' becky fleck!

it has been a while since i have been truly obnoxious*** but having completed two cards that i am very, very pleased with, i cannot resist doing the "annoyingly coy sneak peak" thang! because, yes, i AM that mature!!!

*these ladies, having already conquered the worlds of knitting, photography and blogging, have now turned their hands to card-making. if there is ever a world shortage of talent or cleverness, we should look no further than bristol, england for the cure!

**in my case, in december, this is admittedly even easier than usual!

***in this particular way, at least! :)


  1. I simply ADORE the brussel sprout tree with a cork trunk, a stroke of pure genious, I say!!!!! Oh, and I can say that the cards that go along with those two sneak peaks are absolutely pure genious as well. I love the Pink one Lauren, it is absolutely perfect!!!! I can't wait for the first.

  2. Fab photos ,thanks for the sneaks they look brilliant ,Dawnx

  3. adorable nieces and nephew! - it is so much fun to get those cards isn't it? you must put them in a scrapbook - line them all up so in years to come you have blackmail material.. ;-)
    (i have 20 n&n's... it is handy .. i'm just sayin LOL)
    and you are a tease showing cute little bits of bigger cuteness (and you are also a sweetie pie) i'm lookin forward to the challenge!
    now back to wrapping and cookie decorating... yes... we're still doin christmas!

  4. Wow, nearly spilled the beans on the pink one, girlie. LOVE IT!!!


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