Friday, December 14, 2007

christmas cards and smoked trout

(dcwv patterned paper, the ubiquitous bits of old xmas card, paper source puffy felt flowers, making memories brads, scrapworks fabric tab, dmc embroidery floss)

i know what you're thinking. you're thinking, "hey lauren, the name of this post is christmas cards and smoked trout; where's the trout and what connection does it have to the cards we see above?"

to which the answers are: "in my lunch" ...and... "none" respectively. i only mention the trout because at the supermarket the other day i happened to notice that in addition to packages of smoked salmon there were also packets of (less common in the suburbs but even tastier, imo) filleted smoked trout. if you were to buy some and carefully pull off the skin, (ok i just lost a bunch of people right there didn't i? uh huh. sorry!) break the fish into chunks, and add mayonaise, a little onion, and maybe (if you were feeling quite fancy) a bit of fresh cilantro, you would wind up with something which could make a whole wheat bagel--were it capable of expression--grin like an idiot. something smokey, and creamy and fishy....and in lovely husband jeff's opinion...completely disgusting.

and that my friends, is what diversity is all about! to which i say HOORAY! HOORAY for diversity! HOORAY, even, for seriously different, if not diametrically opposed opinions! diversity is great. it's what provides society with one guy who sees the glass as half empty, another who sees it as half full, and a third who sees a vast untapped market for bottled water! i say "HOORAY" because the very reasons and impulses that make us react in such different ways mean that we are thinking in different...and potentially complementary ways...which is something the world needs!

but i digress...which is so unlike me! :)

anyway, the point of the fishy treat is that it will (hopefully) act as high protein brain fuel whilst i am in full-on, warp-speed, all-hands-on-deck christmasizin' mode for the next few days. in the meantime, if i usually visit your blog: i'll be back soon...honest! if i owe you an email: it's coming...really! and if you have a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer:

hey buddy! i could use a little HELP here!!!



  1. i'll send santa over after he's done here ;)
    and the trout sounds good to me -specially on a bagel.. a nj bagel which is worlds (not merely states) away from a (blasphemy) virginia (eek) bagel

  2. A love of smoked trout ... yet another thing we share ... the list grows ... I am off in search of high protein brain food to likewise push me through the last push of Christmasizin' ... stay the course.

  3. Mmmmm, I love trout. I especially love trout when RGH is cooking.

    I especially love anything when RGH is cooking.

    I especially love food but hate cooking.

    Did I mention I love trout?



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