Thursday, December 20, 2007

lookout, santa!

gliding through the night sky,

scattering handfuls of twinkling stars before her

to light the way,

she is perched majestically

atop an enchanted snowmobile,

drawn by glittering mystical moths,

(strong ones!)

yes, it's

*****the butterfly fairy*****

fluttering her magical way

around the world

to bestow the joy and whimsy

of the holiday season

upon all those

who have not yet *quite* gotten into the spirit

(even though they are by now


cuttin' it a bit fine


so if you have been


(or indeed, boy; since of course the butterfly fairy scrupulously observes all federal, state & local eeoc regulations regarding gender discrimination)

she *might* just bring you


(if, however, you've been naughty like me, you could run to michael's, (where almost all the xmas stuff is 40% off or better) snag a pre-lit pink feather tree, wired bead garland, and feather-n-glitter butterflies on clearance, to make your own. of course, that's not particularly poetic...but there ya go...)


  1. Glad to see you are obeying all relevant governance re: fairy equality. Feel you should widen your equality scope and send that tree to me, simply in the guise of intercontinental relations of course.

  2. I don't think that is from a butterfly fairy...looks more like a Tinkerbelle-ish ***magical*** tree. I think girls will always like pink & shiny. This magic tree has both goin' on :)

  3. Well, whether or not there was poetry behind it's certainly is enchantingly beautiful!! Love the idea of a butterfly tree. Uh-oh ... there it is... a sudden urge to run to the local Michaels and see if cool stuff is on clearance there. That is, I mean ... Butterfly Fairy, I beseech you, please bring me some holiday cheer :)

  4. well thank goodness (or badness?) that you're still a naughty naughty girl :-) isnt that pink and purty! and discounted too!

  5. Ooooh! Pretty, pink,and feathers! I LOVE!!!!!!!

  6. All my boys had to say was "Ewwww....PINK!" Love the ethereal quality!

  7. Gee! That's pretty! Lauren, my Halo is still intact! Hint, Hint!! ;-)

    PS:- Did I ever tell you that I am stuck with such a lousy internet connection? It takes ages...and your word verification is proving to be a nightmare! This must be 4th-5th attempt...but I will prod on...

    Merry Christmas!

  8. me wants that tree:) very cute!!!


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