Saturday, December 15, 2007

the best shopping trip of the year!

last night we partook of my favorite christmas tradition. it's something LHJ and i started doing 5 or 6 years ago, and it's become more and more fun to me each year: we pick a night in december, head over to k-mart, fill a cart with toys, and leave 'em the toys for tots bin.

take it from me, this is the most fun you can have with a credit card!!!

the first year we noticed the collection station at k-mart (i believe all their stores have one, but plenty of other places do as well) was while toy shopping for jeff's nephews and niece. "let's get an extra present," we said. then i think the following year we decided we each wanted to pick something out. one year we happened to hit k-mart on their super-pre-xmas toy sale night...and we started setting a dollar limit...which has crept a little higher as we've gone along. some years, depending on what the kids in our lives wanted for christmas, we've wound up at k-mart shopping only for the charity. i can tell ya, you get some funny looks as you leave the store, grinning, with a long receipt and an empty cart...but in a good way!

if you're interested, a complete list of collection sites, by state, can be found here. toys for tots, a non-profit organization run by the u.s. marines and marine corps reserves, accepts new-in-the-package unwrapped toys for children of all ages. you can also donate your time or money, in person or online. for details consult their official website.


  1. you are a sweetie... but i already knew that.
    i was listening to 2 radio stations who had Marines on yesterday - the radio stations were camped out doing their thing for T4T's. Needing 300,000 toys for DC alone... i shall be picking something up later today when we're out.
    Merry Christmas

  2. You're good you are. You're better than me.

    You and LHJ are the secret santa's of k-mart!

  3. Yep, you are very good - and what a great Christmas tradition. Last year NBM and I each bought a toy for a kiddie in the local hospital through a similar scheme - but a whole trolley of toys is amazing! Good call :o)

  4. Good for you! We have a gift ready for the Scouts Toys for Tots bin this week and already placed several presents under the Angel Tree at our church. What good is having if you can't share? HUGS!

  5. Oh, kudos to you and LHJ! Doug and I enjoyed an annual tradition of choosing an angel from the angel tree at his work when we lived in NC. The first year we chose a boy, the next year we chose a boy and a girl, the next we did an entire family... It is so much fun!

    I have shared your mother's funny peppermint pattie story with several girlfriends. I love that story!

    I'm feelin' the Christmas panic too. Wish I was kickin' back watching a chick flick with girlfriends (like you & Tracy) and eating some smoked trout with you!

  6. that is beautiful Lauren, what could be more in the Christmas spirit than bringing a smile to the face of a child...

  7. Thats such a wonderful gesture! And nice to know that you & LHJ enjoyed doing what you did!

  8. I think that is one of my favorite thinga about the holidays, the extra impetus to give to those in our community. It's certainly true that it is better to give than receive, especially when you're giving the way you give!


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