Tuesday, December 4, 2007

CardMaps Week: DAY FOUR!*

(*some days i am rockin' the snappy titles...other days...not so much)
(clearly, this was an "other" day)

but snappily titled or not, in fact today *is* day four of CAARDVARKS' CardMaps week and we do happen to have yet another lovely sketch by becky fleck to inspire and amaze you!

(yet another lovely sketch by becky fleck to inspire and amaze you!)

once again the design team have whipped up some cardish goodness. here is mine:
(basic grey & daisy d's patterned paper, ki chipboard, best creation foil sticker, colorbox inks, misc. ribbon)

if you need more, check the comments on the caardvarks' posts to find links to more cards from the same sketches we've been using, or you could head over to PageMaps for more sketches!

(the PageMaps logo; in fact this didn't really need a caption, but as a matter of fact lori does look particularly cute in her reading glasses!)

in other news, i stumbled on some very disturbing photographs yesterday, and feel that as a responsible blogger i must point them out to you in order that you may take steps to avoid the horror i experienced. first, the esteemed and generally lovely monkee maker went mad yesterday and posted this. (not to worry the rspcka* are on the case!) then VC apparently decided to be a little more vicious and a little less chicken...and linked us to this.

just for the record, the snorting and sputtering noises i was making whilst i viewed these abominations were that of indignation and outrage, and absolutely not the sounds of helpless & paralysing hysterical laughter. honest.

(*royal society for the prevention of cruelty to knitted animals) (ps: hi lori! xoxo) :)


  1. Well the great links more than made up for the snappy title thing!!!!
    Beautiful card, I have tried to do some of these sketches, I think they are great, but somehow they are just not happening for me!
    Oh well, maybe I will try again tonight. xx

  2. Lotsa lovely cards this week, m'dear :o) I especially liked yesterday's - very pretty indeed.

    And about those noises of "indignation and outrage" - was that what they were? Really? Well ok then, if you're sure.

    (Personally, I decided it would be ok to laugh a little bit, so long as I tutted quietly when I was done. That made all the difference and stopped me from being a terrible person.)



  3. Georgeous card ,i have got to try the page maps ,thanks for sharing Dawnx

  4. Love your card! You are such an inspiration to me :)

    I am lovin Ms. Becky Fleck too. I've never been able to use sketches too well; so I am enjoying this challenge. I have really liked her sketches so far. I am looking forward to tomorrow :)

    As for the monkey links...Oh, THE HUMANITY!

  5. oh this is sooo pretty. i'm just lovin all the holiday stuff and this looks like someone sent a pretty arrangement of poinsettias :-)


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