Saturday, December 8, 2007

since i have SOOOOO much free time...


...i decided to spend some of it playing around with digital scrapbooking elements! it turns out, all these years that i have made labels and things using broderbund printshop, basically i was already "doing digital"! who knew?? ok, obviously there's tons more to it than just layering pre-made elements; for example there at at least 9,000,000 photoshop techniques i would like to figure out (i need to learn to use photoshop more effectively in general, i know i am barely scratching the surface of that baby!) ...but... i confess that i found it rather exciting to discover how easily you could at least get *started* in this realm. oh and much to my surprise, there are tons of big-designer-name free 2peas digikits to be! i grabbed me up some rhonna farrer goodies and made a little label for my xmas cards:

now all i have to do is finish making said cards! i *think* at last count i was up to 45 or 46...i'm firmly in single digits, anyway. the goal for this weekend is to get the last few done, print the labels, and maybe even start writing out the cards. of course none of this will happen until i get offline & start workin'!!! so you know what i'm gonna say now, right?? uh huh:

au revoir, mes amies!
(well i can't say ciao every day...i'm a multi-cultural international babe on the internets ya know!)


  1. I'll miss you now that I'm no longer a part of the Caardvarks design team Lauren! Your work is fabulous and I hope you still come visit me on my blog now and again.


  2. That Christmas label is lovely! Great job. So excited to be a part of Caardvarks, too!

  3. How cool is that!

    I have always wanted to take a photoshop class. Im a photoshop virgin.

  4. oh so sweet - love the little birdie :-) i also would like to spend more time fooling with the photoshop but really - it does take a lot of time.
    hope you got the cards finished so you can move on to something else!

  5. That photoshop stuff is daunting to me. Being able to blog and put up my pics on my blog is huge for me. I still havn't tried the blog roll.


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