Sunday, December 23, 2007

the sound you DON'T hear... that of me
NOT vigorously typing
a hilarious and timely blogpost
listing my top ten (or twelve...or however many i finally settled on...)
picks for christmas music!

for that matter, it is ALSO
that of me
NOT vigorously typing anything at all!*

which is fairly impressive, really, when you think about it!
how many people can MULTITASK


(yes indeedy...when it comes to sloth...i'm goooooooood!)

but it turns out, i do have a couple of christmas cards i never got around to posting, and since you have a bit of free time now (what with there being no hilariously timely blogpost to read anywhere in this vicinity) why not have a little lookie at those?!

(*except, technically, right now, when as a matter of fact, i AM vigorously typing
the list of things of which i am not vigorously typing about! ...but... by the time you READ this, i will be back to not vigorously typing--or perhaps by then i will be vigorously NOT typing--anything! ...phew!...i'm sure glad we cleared that up...)


  1. You crack me up! only you could make a post about typing nothing, and make it this funny!
    Your cards are gorgeous! have a very merry Christams xx

  2. multi tasking sloth....
    how do you come up with this stuff. (and not make a sound? LOL)
    cool cards- those ornaments are so pretty i think you should consider making a paper tree to hang them on... but then again that might divert your sloth and i couldnt ask that. particularly on christmas eve!!!!
    i hope you have a most wonderful christmas my dear and santa is extra special to you - you deserve all the very best of everything :-)

  3. Just wanted to drop in and wish you the bestest Christmas evah!

  4. Wishing you only good good good things for the holidays and beyond ... love ya!

  5. Hey, I have that ornament paper, too! Love the cards and ribbon as always. Have a very merry Christmas!! xo

  6. Thanks for telling me, I'll go and check it out!

  7. Oooooh, Lauren!! These two cards are my favorite yet! Great job!! I kept seeing the photo cards in M's and wanting to buy them (even though I had my cards done and mailed in Nov!) just because you were doing cool things with them. Good thing I hadn't seen these yet, or they would have made it into my basket for sure, LOL!

  8. You are a master at making funnies about stuff that NO ONE ELSE COULD!!
    Ooo I love ya for that!!
    Your cards are gorgeous!! GORGEOUS!!


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