Friday, February 1, 2008

XOXO loooOOOoooOOOooove* fest: week one

can you believe it's february first already??! yeah, me neither. january just flew by like...a thing that flies by really fast**...yikes!

but it IS february first and thus time for a new caardvarks challenge! and not just any old challenge, no sirree bob***! no, this is week one of our month long XOXO LOVEFEST sponsored by queen kat designs! there will be a cool new assignment each friday in february, and a cool prize of QKD stamps for the winner of each!

we kick off with...what else? VALENTINES! yepper, you have until midnight next thursday to submit your best, your coolest, your lovey-dovey-est valentine card for a shot at the goodies.

queen kat design was nice enough to provide the design team with some of their fabulous acryllic stamp sets, which of course were just the thing to get the LOVEFEST mojo started! (to see the gallery with all of our cards and some from the queen kat design team, too, click here.) in the meantime, here is my contribution:

(stamps: queen kat design; patterned paper: bampop, urban lily, love elsie; other: thought balloons made in broderbund printshop, zigwriter, colorbox ink, foam tape)

it's simple, but fun and just a teeny bit funky......hopefully lovely husband jeff will agree! :)

*be sure to say this in your best barry white voice: you can add an "ohhhh bayyybee, bayyyyybee, bayyyyyyybeeeee" too, if you like; but no pressure!

**sorry, i'm gonna have to owe you a similie, ok?

***who is this *BOB* guy anyway? is he any relation to the bob from "bob's your uncle"? and do either of them know "bob the builder"?? ...just wonderin'...


  1. Wow very pretty card. So lovely birds.

  2. I am just warning you - I totally intend to lift you (ok, let's say it like it is...RIP YOU OFF!) and use this idea for a Valentine. Love the birdies!! xo

  3. Sorry i havent been round for a couple of days (school.
    LOOOVEE this card! Its so detailed are gorgeous! What brand paper are those birds from? They are so cute!
    Love your other work in previous posts!! :)

  4. Aren't you the smart one taking pictures of the stamps before they were inked ... I'll be borrowing your picture for my post tomorrow. Love your valentine ... did you hand cut all of those great circles ... just adorable.

  5. oooh...cute card!

    so, this caardvarks thing, can anyone join in, anytime?

  6. Ooh ooh - if Lovely Husband Jeff doesn't want .... I'll have it! It's just gorgeous, and as I never receive a valentines card *sigh* I promise I'd love it and cherish it ...

    No? Doh - it was worth a try.


  7. hI Lauren !

    love your sense of humor ! you go grrl ! your scrappin' & card creations are just fabby !

  8. ooooooo i love that card. love thosse birdies and it is just the right amount of funky! :-)

  9. another fabbie card Lauren:)x

  10. that is one sweet little valentine:)


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