Wednesday, February 13, 2008


we have paperage!

wanna see?

we have colors besides pink...which somewhat surprises me.

i had thought that keeping the backgrounds monochromatic would help to unify the different colors in the photographs, but it turns out that bringing in bits of those other colors...and judicious hits of white...just looked infinitely better.

we have outlining, around the edges of each of the patterned papers.

i also tried outlining ON the photos...but doing *both* turned out to be too much. (this is why i try things out before i glue 'em on. it's slower...but safer!) photo batch #2 is borderless and lightly inked around the edges. (i am definitely going to use this idea on *something*, though, b/c i love the look of it!)

up next:

embellishments...or as i think of it...



  1. oh you are SO good!!! that looks like some real precision cutting you did!!! just this morning i sliced my left index finger WIDE open cutting a straight edge...i would probably have sliced myself to ribbons doing this kind of cutting!!!

  2. Wow! I came over here to thank you for your lovely comment on my pink and brown card! Now you always make me smile with your comments, but that comment put a big soppy grin on my face! and then I got blown away by your castle, which is looking FABULOUS!!!! I cant wait to see more! xx

  3. VERY pretty! I love it already. The pics are perfect w/ these dps :) I am anxious to see the finished product with pics & embellies!

  4. Love the doodling on the photos idea ... can't wait to see the finished castles in all of their pink, blingy, sparkly glory.

  5. MAN it looks TOTALLY fabulous so far! i SO cant wait to see the final product!! WOO!

  6. oh wow! i love the castle :-) just the most perfectest papers and wonderful pictures. they're just fine the way they are... cannot wait to see the full blown lauren'd up versions :-)


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