Thursday, February 21, 2008

this is NOT a real blog post!

(...just so you know...)

i've got nuthin'.

no show-n-tell! i was counting on having paper adventure operation 07 (last week's assignment) done last night. i almost made it, too! in fact, it's soooooo close to done i can taste it...but it's not quite done...and it's not at all photo-ed!

no links or pictures! i generally save funny things as i see them online, but lately, i haven't been online much. (castles and so forth.) ordinarily at this point i would quickly google "daniel craig photos" and pop in the one with the least clothing, but sadly, i think i am even gonna run out of time for that today.

worst of all, unless i think of something amusing really REALLY quickly, i've got NO JOKES!!! and, in case you were wondering, it turns out that the very *best* way to NOT think of anything amusing is to try to make yourself think of something amusing really REALLY quickly.

g'head! try it!

are ya funny yet?

well are ya, punk??!

(OOF, sorry, in the heat of the moment i became clint eastwood for a moment there. i apologize. that's never happened before!)

ooh, but one thing i DO have is

info for kate ardron

who asked about how i made the structure of the princess castles. kate, those were actually store-bought minibooks made by creative imaginations for their "bare essentials" line, and seem to be quite readily available at crafting and scrapbook stores. in fact, here is one i found from an online store in the UK, but you may even find a local northumbrian source! i expect you could make one from chipboard, tho, if you were feeling adventurous! rather than folds, the BE books were a series of castle-shaped panels, with hinges between them, made from a thick sort of paper tape. i'd've preferred cloth bookbinding tape, for added strength, but you could use ribbon, or colored duct tape, or index stock reinforced with clear packing tape! if you make one, come and show me a link because i would love to see it!!!

speakin' of things i love to see:

his bondliness, being bondish. note to MM: he's not *pouting*...he's brooding!
it's TOTALLY different. totally. :)

yeah, yeah, as it turns out, i DID have time to go and grab me some delicious danielcraiginess over at google. because let's face it, a life so full of hustle and bustle as to prevent one from stopping to savor nature's beauty is no life at all, now is it? i apologize for all those clothes...but it was the best i could do on short notice!


  1. I took some time to find a little something for you Lauren. Hope you like it. ;-) x

  2. Oh yeah .... yours is good .... but Kitty's it better ..... droooool ....


    ps. He SO is pouting. In a brooding kind of way ....

  3. well i have to say i was not very impressed with your eye candy until i saw what kitty found...much better!!!

  4. I'll take brooding any day!! :^)


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