Saturday, February 2, 2008

operation 05: THE LITTLE PICTURE

this week's paper adventure challenge might be my favorite yet! this time, we're meant to think--for once--NOT about "the big picture" but about the LITTLE one. elise blaha, our hostess and mentor put it this way:

"There are a couple ways to approach this. One way is to FIND a photo. Preferably one that you took, or someone you know took, but I suppose a random photo you pull from the internet may speak to you in the same way. Another way is to TAKE a photo. No matter how recent the photo or where it came from, it should be a Little Picture. A piece of something whole that speaks to you.'

as soon as i read the assignment, i knew exactly what photo i would use and what i wanted to say. i wrote my journaling in about 3 minutes and never changed a word in the three days that elapsed before i actually had time to make the page. i love this candid shot of jeff & i, particularly the way we are both totally focused on where we are going, but holding hands, just loosely, almost unconsciously. i think it says everything that's worth knowing about the two of us as a couple, and i am am thrilled that our friend paul saw--thought to capture--this tiny moment!

(patterned paper: crafty secrets, love elsie; stickers: 7 gypsies, ki; rub-ons: 7 gypsies, marah johnson, autumn leaves, scrapworks)

journaling reads, "this is one of my favorite photos of jeff & me. it was taken by our friend paul in a carpark in montreal a couple of years ago. we aren't posing. we didn't even know he was taking it. as portraits go, it's unusual...for one thing you can't see our faces...but i still think it sums us up rather nicely! in this case...the little picture *IS* the big picture!"

i intended to put the journaling on the same page as the pictures, but i felt like it took away from the photo, so i made a little pocket in which to slide the card. in my first pass at the photo collage, the b&w, color-highlight and inset photo were layered digitally, but the result was a bit flat-looking, so i went back and printed the base picture separately and mounted the two smaller ones on top with foam tape. what can i say: sometimes old school just beats the heck out of modern...and this was one o' those times!


  1. so cool. glad this one came easy for you!

  2. Wow, this is great, love what you did with the photo, I think it's better too, to use the "old school" for this, but the color and black and white look great together!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I really love the photo of you and your husband! Of course, I had to check out the blog you mentioned and now I have one more to follow! I enjoy your blog because I'm also a paperholic.....and a pen-aholic.....and ......

  4. Fabulous layout, that is such a lovely photo. Thanks for the kind comments on my card

  5. its a wonderful photo and it does say a lot now doesnt it :-)

  6. Totally cool! and Awwwwwww! so romantic! xx

  7. Love the photo and the way you put the page together is fantastic!!

  8. I love this photo! It is EXACTLY how I picture you & LHJ. And I'm with you on the old school style. There are some absolutely stunning digital scrapbook pages that look 3D, but nothing can beat the real thing :)

  9. you know, i think this is simple and so self-explanitory. Which is the kind i like. I like it artsy, and easy to tell what the subjects were thinking. Full of love.

    Plus the tag line at the bottom is so true. Great work as always!

  10. This is TOTALLY awesome!
    I have some questions :) XD
    This totally awesome mini book, what brand etc thingy is it?
    And you know that lil slip out thing with the journalling, is that just a normal recipie card with the top thing attached?
    AND. Big breath - to slide that journalling thing in and out, did the album already come with the pocket or did you have to make the pocket??
    HAHA that was so cofusing! Im so interested in making one of these cause they look AWESOME!
    P.S You dont have to comment my blog for the answers if you dont want. You can email me at if you want, when you have time :)
    Thans muchly xx

  11. Great page and a lovely picture!

  12. That really is a lovely picture - and I like what you've done with it, too :o)

  13. I love got blog, your work is stunning. I especially love your header:) thanks for the sweet comments on my page.

  14. Love the photo, love the pocket, love the idea!


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