Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy RILEY'S BIRTHDAY to you!!!

apparently, some folk think of this as VALENTINE'S DAY...but not in our family! nope, for us it better known as the day that eldest niece riley made her grand debut, six years ago this afternoon!

being the little sweetheart that she is, she has always been happy to share the day, and certainly there have always been enough treats and presents and heart-shaped cupcakes to go around!

luckily she's a gal who enjoys the color pink-- (which is good, since i think she was 2 or 3 before her mother dressed her in anything else) --and has no objection to heart-strewn clothing or objects...since there are always LOTS of those available around her birthday!

miss riley is ALWAYS up for a party: friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents?! bring 'em on!!! the big family celebration will take place on sunday afternoon, by which time her aunt lauren is now cautiously confident she will have completed the three little princess books intended for riley, sister lindsay, and cousin madeline.

in the meantime, today will bring presents from mommy and daddy, and cupcakes at school, and phone calls from the rest of the family to say,

*happy birthday riley elizabeth!!!*


  1. Ooh, those cupcakes look DELISH! And your niece looks very grown up. I hope she has a great time with the family at the weekend .... let's face it, with cool Aunt L around, she's bound to!


  2. Happy Birthday to your niece. My son has twin friends with the same birthday - makes it even more special doesn't it?

    Have a great weekend with your family. x

  3. What a beautiful little girl, and how cool to have a Valentine's birthday. Hope it was special!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAy to your neice!
    She so adorable!
    Looks like you guys had a GREAT time! :)

  5. she is adorable! Happy Birthday Riley!

    and those cupcakes look sooo YUM! Makes me wanna make cupcakes :)
    (my butt hates that)

  6. oh how wonderful - hope she had a most wonderful birthday :-) what a cutie!

  7. Oh "Happy belated B`Day¬ to...Riley Elizabeth...looks like you had agreat b`day with a fabbie family around you:)xxx

  8. Happy belated Birthday to Riley!
    And I have to say that the heart-shaped cupcakes sure look yummy!


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