Saturday, February 16, 2008

rats, it's gone right to voicemail!

hi. you've reached lauren. i can't come to the blog right now, owing to a hideously long list of weekend chores, errands and commitments, but i wanted you to know that the three princess castle minibooks are finished (ta-daaaaaaaaaaaa!*) and a truly obnoxious amount of photos will be coming to your screen very, very soon!

in the meantime, why not enjoy a cheesily photoshopped picture of some valentine roses that lovely husband jeff brought me** on thursday?

please leave a message at the sound of the beep.


*and also, "PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!"

**he brought a sweet little fruit tart, as i'm kinda hoping that "you are what you eat" thingie is not LITERALLY true! ;)

ps to terrie b: no worries, girlfriend, i've SOOOOOO been called worse!!! :)

ps to lori: step away from the sharp objects...RIGHT NOW...!!! (and also, "waaaaaaahhhhh--heal fast!")


  1. i see your secret embedded message to me you little stinker!!! i am being MUCH more careful now:) my wounds are just about closed up thank you very much!!!

  2. Surely being a fruity tart is a compliment isn't it? Isn't it?

    :-p x

  3. "Cheesily Photoshopped"?! Woman! Are you crazy! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that pic! The way you Photoshopped it is AWESOME! I REALLY hope you put it in your Flickr acct so I can put it in my favs.

    Have a good one.

  4. I just discovered your bog browsing magazines at the bookstore love it !

  5. Liking the photo!
    Cant wait to see the castle!!!
    HAHAH your a funny one!!

  6. beep....
    wow... did they go to the same florist? sans tart however.. wonder what that means...hmmmmm can't wait to see as many obnoxious photos and you can stand to up

  7. Wow! did Jana (from 2worlds) find your blog in that magazine about the ball?!! That's really cool!
    I cant wait to see the castles!
    and I will give you info on the faux stitching, but please remind me again, if I dont do it soon! xx
    Nicola xx

  8. ROFL.... love this photo, great roses!! At least you got them:-)) Ah well, was my BDay anyway, got lots of stuff LOL

  9. You are what you eat?!
    Then I am a French Fry! Whoopee!!

  10. Hi LAUREN!!!!pphew got it these roses are gorg...I would hate to tell ya what you would be callin me if I told you what I eat!!!!!Rofl......
    Bacon...mmmm...Beef....and mmmmm
    Big fat cheesecakes...(Desipher wot you like from that mouthful)lol
    I hope you enjoyed every bit aswell:):):)
    Oh you do make me chuckle...a girl with a great sense of humour!!!!!

  11. Mmmm, cheesy Photoshopping. I saw that on the new menu at TGIFriday's! ;^) Can't wait to see the castle albums!


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