Tuesday, February 12, 2008

sure it TASTES good...

...but are you sure it prevents cavities??!*

(ok, i haven't ACTUALLY done this...yet...but i'm getting scattier by the day, so i've a feeling it's just a matter of time!)

*my alternate hilarious tomato paste joke was, "boy they sure do make a lot of specialized adhesives these days!" but i thought the toothpaste line was funnier...and the picture cracked me up!

ps: lovely husband jeff does not have a blog, but if he did, he could easily fill an entire post with his enthusiasm for tomato paste sold in tubes rather than the annoying and un-re-seal-able little cans from the olden days. some themes from such a post would dwell heavily on: convenience, freshness and lack of waste as exemplified by this packaging; with perhaps a small digression into his theory that brands which come in tubes are inherently of higher quality, having been properly thought out by italians who like to cook. it's a pity LHJ doesn't have a blog, really, because he is quite diverting on this subject! :)


  1. Sure it tastes good & it looks nice too...the tube! But seriously, this is so convenient!

  2. Hmmm, my teeth really don't need any help in the unsightly stains department, thanks.

    I vote that LHJ gets himself a blog .... he could call it Life with Lauren, or Loving Lauren .... or Lumme Lauren Let me Be! .... or I guess he could think of his own name for it, if he really wanted to .....


  3. hehehe :)
    Hey, did you change your banner? or have i just not looked at it properly? I usually quickly scroll down and start reading your posts but MANNN!! your banner is GORGEOUS!! So details! verry LLOVELY!! xxx

  4. dude! Ive never seen TP in a tube. Rock on. I need some now


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