Thursday, February 21, 2008

bondliness abounds!

i never post twice in one day. lately, in fact, i've felt quite on top of things if i post once in two days. but for THIS...i felt a second round was an inarguable necessity. in fact, if i were the gruff but lovable newspaper boss in a 1940's film about reporters (as played by spencer tracy or jimmy stewart) i'd have run through the house shouting things like, "stop the presses!" ...and... "hold the front page!" ...and... "get the boys back here gladys, we're putting out a special edition!!!"

why, you ask?? well, first, the lovely kitty, in response to my sadness at only turning up a fully clothed daniel craig this morning, sent me a link to this:

thank you kitty. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm-hmmmmmmmmmmmm. oh yes. thank you very much indeed! you are a true friend to have stumped up so quickly in my hour of need. now that was enough to set me up this evening as a very contented blogger indeed...

...but then the equally lovely (but infinitely more twisted) monkee maker--who has recently discovered picasa and become a bit of a photo-editing junkie--emailed me this. words cannot express the delight and...ummmmm...bemusement (and hilarity! and shock! and delight again...followed by even more bemusement!) with which i viewed this masterpiece:

"the name's jeff....lovely husband jeff"

but wait...there's more. oh yes indeedy. fasten your seatbelts, ladies, and remember: he's a happily married man, and i am licensed to kill. (ok, not licensed, as such. but i think you get m'point)

ready? ok here ya go:

since there is nothing i could possibly add (well, nothing that could be posted on a wholesome family-friendly blog such as this!) i shall sign off for the second and final time of the day.

besides, i have to go and explain his new-found t'internet pin-up status to my husband. :)


  1. Well I hope he hasent banned you from the computor now!!!rofl...
    I`m sure if you ask his forgivness he
    Oh you do make me giggle Lauren..yaaaaaaahhh!!!!
    These are great:)

  2. Ha ha, I'm glad you approve of the new improved Bond guy. Does Lovely Husband Jeff work out cos he looks
    p-r-e-t-t-y buff .....


  3. This is sooooo funny...

    I love the monkee maker blog (I found via your blog a while ago). She is surely your twin soul. You two are kindred spirits for sure. You both have a fantastic sense of humor.

    Somehow I think LHJ is hotter and sexier than Daniel Craig...

  4. hahahahahahahaha ... loving MM's work there - and yours. I did actually find a picture of a completely nekkid DC but thought ... well ... didn't like to post it on your wholesome family blog, so just sat and ogled it myself :-D x

  5. Before we scrolled down to your LHJ picture, CK wanted to know why you had pictures of him on your page!!!


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