Saturday, February 23, 2008

operation 07: BOLD STATEMENT

right. i'm a week behind on paper adventure. i b'lieve i mentioned that already. except, now i'm not. because it's here. last weeks entry, that is.

(glossy black cardstock: ranger; patterned paper: doodlebug, mambi; brads: making memories; rhinestone star: mambi; other: zig writer, foam tape, fonts: mariah & wizzard)

ok, lemme essplain. the assignment was to, (and i quote) "make a bold statement". so i did. originally, i had a much more traditional idea, and something more substantial to say. (with journaling and everything!) but then, the other morning, my inner edina took over, and this idea literally woke me up. ok, it's not a particularly sensible statement; and it's certainly not a profound statement; but i think you'll agree it *is* a BOLD statement! and thus, my work here is done.

(ps: i'm hoping to get operation 08 done over the weekend, and be officially declared "back on track"!)


  1. Wohoo, I love this, great BOLD statement, love the colors and the glossy stuff, bling bling, girl can't have enough of it.. (or as me......nothing LOL)

    Hey, thanks for your comment, I like that, instead of older all the other things.... :-)))

    Have a great weekend, hope to see your "old thing" soon!!

  2. Love your statement Lauren! Colorcomo is great too!!
    Have a nice weekend and good luck with this weeks page!!

  3. Daaaarling, I am just loving your work. You are absolutely fabulous sweetie darling!

  4. Love those colours, fantastic page!!

  5. I really like how you sometimes trace a black doodle line near the edges of shapes (or in this case, your "fabulous" letters".) I would like to try that technique.

    BTW, you pulled off a "less is more" which perfectly compliments your bold statement.

  6. So glad you've joined in this paper adventure! am loving your work!


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