Monday, February 11, 2008

ATTENTION all pink & sparkly things...

...please report to my worktable, immediately.


you already have.

well done.

soooooo...whaddaya get when you mix all of this...

(ok, probably not all of that...but a bunch of it...)

with three of these:

...and a whole mess o'...


actually, that's a trick question with two possible answers:

answer #1: three adorable princess minibooks in time for niece riley's birthday party next sunday afternoon

...or, alternately...

answer #2: a nervous breakdown

in the meantime, i'm afraid what you get is an aunt lauren who spends every non-working, non-sleeping moment knee-deep in the sparkly pinkness! so please excuse me if in the next 4 or 5 days i do not spend much time at your blog...or my own.

PS: if i haven't surfaced by saturday...can somebody fax me a pizza??


  1. dear auntie lauren,
    by now you should realize being doused in sparkly pinkness is your honor and god given auntly right (duty and pleasure too i might add)and those of us with a 5 to 1 ratio of nephews to nieces are excessively jealous of said venture into minibook (omigod the cuteness!) heaven
    and i know the best pizzeria in Parsippany!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll get right on it!
    (can't wait til you come out from under that pile and show off what you made! :-))

  2. i cannot wait to see what you create. i am sure it will be fabulous with all of those wonderful goodies to work with!!!

    do not have a nervous breakdown...i need everyone fully alert and on the look~out for my still missing muse...

  3. Holy schmoley, those are gonna be cute! Can't wait to see. I bought that same album to use for photos of my boys at a local renaissance faire. I'm guessing there will be decidedly less pink and sparkles in mine!! xo

  4. Can't wait to see the finished pink, sparkly outcome. You'll never want to see another pink thing as long as you live at the end of it! x

  5. I bestow the title on you, "Most awesome gift creator". I would say best aunt EVER; but I could never decide between my sister Angela and you :) I KNOW these will be incredible! I don't think I could tackle this, but I know you can :)

  6. .... you want fries with that pizza?


  7. COKE and pizza coming your way ;)
    haha i dont think it will stay 'fresh' if travelling accross the world! WOW good luck! i SOOO cant wait to see what you do!!

  8. wholly camoley! :o

    why have i never discovered your blog before, my Lauren! :o

    Definately adding you to my favs list!!! hugely talented and VERY inspiring :D


  9. would be interesting to see what you come up with! Pink & sparkly....sounds verrrrrry pretty!

  10. Wow! Thats a lot of "Pink" and "Sparkle"!!! and looks like a whole lot of fun!!!

  11. The beginning of this blog CRACKED ME UP! That's one of my favorite parts about reading yours because they are alwasy funny in some way or another. you crack me up daily. :]]]

    Have a fantastic Day!

  12. OMG..... what a great gorgeous wonderful lovely eyeball falling out stash of pink you have there....... I LOVE PINK!!!!!!


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