Wednesday, February 20, 2008

some lovely parting gifts!

...ok, not parting gifts, as such...but you may remember that recently i was the lucky winner of the "hot pink and acetate" card challenge on elizabeth wickland's blog, my inner martha? well, my prize arrived today, one would expect from that good is, of course, FABULOUS!

it also seems to defy one or two of the laws of physics.
lemme essplain: see this adorable little diecut paper purse?
(ok, i am soooooooo back to wanting a cricut again!)

well, alllllll of this cool stuff was inside it:

beautiful handmade flower magnets, specially inked "wish" tags, a sweet mini-notepad, awesome heart-shaped playing cards, "love" brads, a diecut fleur de lis, annnnnnnnnd a little pack of clear stamps with the coolest cupcake ever! i'm not sure how elizabeth DID that...but i am certainly both impressed and grateful!

oh yeah, there was a small ghiradelli chocolate bar in there, too. i am embarrassed to say that it was eaten more quickly than my digital camera could record...even on the very very fast "twilight" setting. (some might say "devoured", and it would be hard to argue that point strenuously, and rude, too, especially with my mouth full of chocolate!) :)

and one last little bit of cuteness:

yes, it seems like ms. elizabeth is grooming up a second generation of her crafting dynasty... inside my package's wrapping was some lovely artwork by young ellie!!!

thank you thank you thank you, oh wicklands, great and small!


  1. oooh ahhh, you got lovely goodies there Miss Lauren!!! the purse is TDF cute:)

    what's a cricut??? sounds VERY dangerous...LOL!!!

  2. that purse is beautiful. (love that paper!) and i'm happy you had your priorities in order and got that chocolate dispatched tout de suite!

  3. Wow, that purse is lovely! The contents are quite divine as well. Love the stamps!

  4. ooh this is scrummy...:0)x


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